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at st. mungo's

In OotP after Arthur is bitten (and is on wizard pain relievers or something lol). i friggin adore arthur and molly D:
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There is so much love in Molly and Arthur's face...awwwwww
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and this lovely scene is RIGHT before she smacks the shit out of him for letting himself be bitten by a snake at work, and then hugs then stuffing out of him thankful he is ok
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Uuuuuuugh,my heart!!Heart Heart Heart 
absolutely adorable!
wonderful pictures!
XXXX U XXXX I died from cuteness overload.... but i ded happy
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Why couldn't he just die
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They are so adorable!
So wonderful and sweet :)
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Lovely! Although, the thing I always remember about Arthur in St. Mungo's is: "What do you mean, that's the general idea?!?"
one of the best lines!!
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Her face is so full of love. SO FULL OF LOVE. Great job ._. :3
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Beautiful and gorgeous work!

I hope that you have a great and blessed day!
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Arthur and Molly are my perfect couple. <3
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So sweet! Looks kinda Disney. If that's what you were going for, Bravo! If not that's fine. I just love the expressions of love on those two!
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*clutches heart* They' :love:
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Took the words straight outta my mouth!
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Gah! Wonderful, just wonderful.
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I really, really like this! I have recently discovered my love of this pairing and this just sums up Arthur Weasley's character! Thanks for posting.
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When I see this fanart... and then I remember that Fred dies... is just like T_T my poor heart </3
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Oh MOLLYWOBBLES. They are perfect for each other. Really really sugar-sweet perfect.
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I love them too, they're just far too perfect for one another.
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