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malfoys after they let harry and co. escape the manor and voldemort let them know his opinion on the situation. also the chandelier exploded on draco's face

errybody askin for malfoys!
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ouch they are hurt-

I wanna heal them-

Lucius is hurt he's-


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Wow! I thought I had seen all your pictures with Malfoys! Very cool!

Have you got any illustrations of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child"?
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Wow such a good perspective!
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you captured this beautifully (in its cruelty)! I love your style, it's unique and sticks out – no matter where I stumble over your artwork, I instantly know it's yours.
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And that's when Narcissa decided Mouldy-Wart was going DOWN
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Keep calm and carry on hate the Dark Lord. 

We did nazi* that coming ... :o (Eek) Bloody hell. I'd pay a million pounds just to erase this from our family's history. 
*not see. I'm not a nazi, I just found this pun online

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The Dark Lord drove us to Mordor. I could say everything I'm thinking right now ... 
I'll just keep it for myself, just to avoid putting a mature content tag on the comment.

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I so agree, bro.

this is a ROLEPLAY account
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We love 'EM!! And harry Potter stuff too :P
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Love your drawing style!:nod: 
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I haven't looked at your art in far too long. You're freaking incredible, per usual.
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Oh, I simply Heart  the Malfoys! It's so sad what happened to them Waaaah! I've got a place for this in my favorites+fav 

Ps. If anyone knows how to earn Points I'd add him/her to my friendlist
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The pictures brings about feels, but the title just punches the feels in the nuts. 
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I lovelovelove all your HP fanarts. They're so... Awesome! I love them! ♥
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oh, voldy is so cruel...!!! he wouldnt care if he destroys another family, just for self power
your narcissa is amazing :)
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and this is why I believe that Scorp and Al will be the best of mates.
Despite the rather desperate tone in this particular scene< I can do nothing but lol at the title XD
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D: my family is broken! i love them. fix them. let them be happy in the next pic.

brilliant work, as always. feels.
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this should've been the title for that chapter i mean really
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Yeah, Malfoys xD~
More of them, please :-*
I like your lucius the most :heart:
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Because you are the most famous Malfoy's fanartist!! do you still do commisions?
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