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WIP hp art project

I love my new compy :D.

This is my EXTREMELY SLOW GOING entry for the harry potter art project on livejournal :S who wants to paint the rest for me? x) ahjhhh

Anyway I'm drawing a picture for Ch23 of Deathly Hallows (Malfoy Manor...what a twist!) when Hermione is about to get Sweeney'd by Bella and Narcissa, Draco, and Greyback are like WOT? when Harry and Ron bust in the door :O. Oh yeah and Lucius gets stunned like, immediately after HP and the effin bear bust into the room, so he's on the floor of this pic lol. Oh Luci. Ur such a boob.

Also obviously I have no system to how I paint :(. Hence the 50-some odd layers already lmao. Blah..
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Che-Crawford's avatar
Is there a finished version of this anywhere?
0630's avatar
I love the term Sweeney'd. And you have an awesome style. (:
HermionesJustAName's avatar
I love how evryone behind her's all like"WUHT?"
Cookiesan-cream's avatar
oh my... who the hell do you do this?? it's incredible!
Cynderthedragon5768's avatar
I thought Narcissa had Black and White hair? :P Cause in HBP she does. Movie wise:XD:
volleyartist14's avatar
in the book she's straight blonde. The costume directors for HBP said they 'wanted to show both her Malfoy and Black side' which is why they gave her that hairstyle. It looks ao stupid to me.
Cynderthedragon5768's avatar
I think she is very pretty in the movies:3 I watched all the movies the blonde her looks a little odd.
Nicky-the-dragoness's avatar
I can see Draco there. <u<
wow, your style is really awesome! :la:
and Fenrir looks awesome :la: I like him in your style, and i can't wait to see this done! :meow:
You really got all of the tension and fear in that scene. Thank you!!
Harry-Potter-Girl's avatar
You are so good at drawing.Who did you learn from?P.S.Being eleven years old, I do not draw that well.
Annyssek's avatar
Hahah Sweeney'd! I LOVE IT! I imagined during the film, if Bellatrix inspired by Sweeney Todd...poor Hermione! By the way, I LOVE THE PICTURE TOO! ^^
aquawolf1432's avatar
I do love this! i really love the shading round bella's face :D
anijess3's avatar
This is absolutely fantastic! I love all the dimension you've put into your characters here. Splendid job. >'.'< miau Jess
antoinette721's avatar
One of my favorite moments. I think this is the only time Hermione is actually in real peril.
louli9559's avatar
EPIC! i was just listening to this part on the audio book last night, even though i know the book by heart. eep!
Ninnik's avatar
Bellatrix's nose looks like it's a separate evil creature that's going to...DESTROY US ALL!

I want Hermione's sweater.
ai-no-tsubasa's avatar
Satyr-Fowl's avatar
ooooo! This looks cool! I will have to see the finished version
Pandachan4912's avatar
Cool, I remember that part in the book! :iconimhappyplz: And I was all like: "NOOO NOT HERMIONE" :noes:

Wonderful, epic job.
irepa94's avatar
ahahaha Bellatrix <3
CoolCatHicks3's avatar
and lol, sweeney'd XD
CoolCatHicks3's avatar
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