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DH: the locket

By makani
Riddle!Harry and Riddle!Hermione. I would say spoilers, but if you haven't finished the book by now, you shouldn't be online looking at HP art :P

OC3 and PS7
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Am I the only one who laughed at this part in the movie?
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Awesome work!!!

Spongebob (Happy Happy Xmas) Patrick (Happy Happy Xmas) 
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amazing colouring and effects [#78] Heart Eyes Emoji Samsung 
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I liked much it was reflected in movie adaptation
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ow so glad this isn't true
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This is brilliantly done.
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Wasn't in my faves, yet? No way! Sorry about that... there, done!
I totally love this one *o*
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Someone asked, "Who will you kiss, Daniel or Rupert?"

Younger Emma replied, "Eew! I'll never kiss anyone! Yuk yuk!"

Then The Deathly Hallows movie came, and TADDA! :D Emma snogging both of the lot!
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Awesome ! I love their eyes !
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if only harry/hermione together actually happened. love this!
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I cried when I read this part. Ron is one of my babies D:
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not a big hp fan so no have not read any of the books and only seen 1st movie.

but as for the art, I love it, great job. I thought it was so cool and well done, love the how do you say it "flow", very awesome. thanks for such a great pic.
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this is meant to be taken as a compliment, but this scares the crap out of me. I wish i could draw as well as you
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I half expect Dark Link to be there. Good Job!
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... This is so wonderfully creepy and frightening yet amazing and stunning it's just GWURAH. *collapses from the awesomeness*

I love Riddle!Harry's sneer, and Riddle!Hermione looks like she wants to kill Ron. XD The way their hair is floating around is really cool, too, like they're underwater-- or maybe made out of that strange silvery not-gas-but-not-liquid stuff in a Pensive.
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this is great, but in my perverted mind i pictured them both naked and harry with a disproportionately sized cock.
Good job, what else is there to say?
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Hmmm... I was reading all the comments about how they should have been clothed in the movie, but I think they were naked in the book.
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I know lol. My dad walked in while I was watching this and went "What are you watching?!" I went "SOMETHING THAT WAS INNOCENT BEFORE YOU WALKED IN" Lol Gotta love JKR
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