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DH: Always.

Oh, Snape.

Get a life.

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It's unbelievable that Snape could cast a patronus with his heart broken so much... He was a great wizard.

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I feel so sorry for Snape. He loved Lilly so much that her patrounus, became his. It’s sad and when he died I was crying so much I couldn’t sleep because as a child I didn’t like him at all. But now that I read the books and understand his pain, I realized that he was one of the best characters in the whole entire Harry Potter series.
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I do, too! Yes, it's so sweet! He really is!! I'm (slowly) reading the Harry Potter books so i am not looking forward to reading how Snape dies in Deathly Hallows. It's sad enough watching it! Getting through Chamber of Secrets is slow goings.
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You will cry a lot reading the books. A lot of the characters die and warning the books become darker when the characters get older
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I'm glad for the warnings!
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you would die if you didn't hear the warnings but anyways np
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Simply beautiful, I love the tones and effects. Well done ~
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thing is.... this IS his 'happy face' .....
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Now this is a paragon of a bitter man.
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This is.... Awesome! I love this so much! But it just hurts to see him with such a face.... Could you... Draw a happy picture of him? Please?
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Snape??Severus Snape?


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I love the intense expression of Sn-ape coupled with the gentle beauty of the doe...:datenanner:
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Love it! it inspired a One-Shot requested by one of my readers. Can I use it as the cover art for the story? More people need to see this!
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AHAHAHA That description XD
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U gonna cry snape?
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"I'm gonna kill somebody."
Doe *peaceful* "Snape, really."
I need this to be a print so I can buy it.
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