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Free leopard lineart

These artworks were made for

New free linearts for you :)
Download for a bigger image.
Create a multiply level on the level of the lineart to color it.

You can color it,
you can modify it (for example, adding wings, jewels...),
you can use it for point adoptables,
you can NOT use it for money adoptables
you can NOT remove my credits.

If you want to use this for money adoptables, ask me first, please.

My name and the link to my gallery must be CLEARLY READABLE!
I don't care if you move my credtis or if you rewrite them with another font, the important is that they are visible!

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

I'd like to see your work, link it to me if you want :D
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© 2013 - 2021 makangeni
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DeadThorn-Draws's avatar
Do you have a transparent png or PSD file for this, I want to use them so bad!
makangeni's avatar
Ahh I'm sorry but this is very old and I don't have the psd file anymore :(
DeadThorn-Draws's avatar
sally4's avatar
It is really cool! But are we allowed to sell it for computer money? Such as FPD on furry paws? Thank you!
makangeni's avatar
Thank you! 
Is it a virtual currency? if so, you can do it. As long as my credits are visible it's ok :)
sally4's avatar
Your welcome! It is. And ok!
SammieAsMagPie's avatar
So how about Sim money? No real money involved. And I may make some point adopts too :)
makangeni's avatar
sim money and points are ok :) just don't forget to credit me or, at least, do not remove the signature please. thanks for asking!
SammieAsMagPie's avatar
No problem you will always be credited on the image
TheLunaDaWolf's avatar
Aren't points money too?
Anyway, I'll be using this for a point adoptable :3 (i'll show you the finished piece by replying on this comment)
makangeni's avatar
well, you can use points on deviantart only, right?
TheLunaDaWolf's avatar
Yes, but someone said that you can convert points into money. (i have no idea how though)
Also, i found this… it explains something about points
makangeni's avatar
I've got some points now but I think I can't convert them.
Thanks for the link, I'll check it out!
TheLunaDaWolf's avatar
Hm... there should be someone who knows how to do it, i don't know who though
and np
makangeni's avatar
no problem, I've not many of them :)
IvanaMutt's avatar
Could i use this to make a tiger instead of leopard...? 
makangeni's avatar
yes, you can. just credit me, please.
Mistiria78's avatar
I love your work it's all beautiful 
KyokiTheDamned's avatar
Used, thank you. This was free and not paid for by the way :) I hope it's okay that I cut out the sitting position. 
Custom for Snowfang33 by KyokiTheDamned
makangeni's avatar
yes, it's ok :) thanks for linking
KyokiTheDamned's avatar
And thank you for making it available!
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