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Canine Base Adopts #1 (AUCTION! #1 - #3 OPEN) by Makakakasaurus Canine Base Adopts #1 (AUCTION! #1 - #3 OPEN) :iconmakakakasaurus:Makakakasaurus 3 3 Goat in the Rain - Speedpaint + Auction! by Makakakasaurus Goat in the Rain - Speedpaint + Auction! :iconmakakakasaurus:Makakakasaurus 7 0 connor with like 11 dogs.png by Makakakasaurus connor with like 11 dogs.png :iconmakakakasaurus:Makakakasaurus 1 0 Deviant Art in the Literal Sense by Makakakasaurus Deviant Art in the Literal Sense :iconmakakakasaurus:Makakakasaurus 6 4 Robo-Redesign by Makakakasaurus Robo-Redesign :iconmakakakasaurus:Makakakasaurus 5 0 Bye Bye Baby Blue by Makakakasaurus Bye Bye Baby Blue :iconmakakakasaurus:Makakakasaurus 4 3 Bepis the Bard! by Makakakasaurus Bepis the Bard! :iconmakakakasaurus:Makakakasaurus 4 0 It's Gekko, babey! by Makakakasaurus It's Gekko, babey! :iconmakakakasaurus:Makakakasaurus 1 3 Preview - Voice Claim Video by Makakakasaurus Preview - Voice Claim Video :iconmakakakasaurus:Makakakasaurus 0 0 A Moment Of Peace (Maka) by Makakakasaurus A Moment Of Peace (Maka) :iconmakakakasaurus:Makakakasaurus 3 5 Fluffy Boye by Makakakasaurus Fluffy Boye :iconmakakakasaurus:Makakakasaurus 3 0 Prize For XoxInvaderLizxoX! by Makakakasaurus Prize For XoxInvaderLizxoX! :iconmakakakasaurus:Makakakasaurus 6 5 Do people still make these? by Makakakasaurus Do people still make these? :iconmakakakasaurus:Makakakasaurus 3 2 A cat who floats in the men's room by Makakakasaurus A cat who floats in the men's room :iconmakakakasaurus:Makakakasaurus 1 0 Crimson-Grey Rabbit (Adopt) by Makakakasaurus Crimson-Grey Rabbit (Adopt) :iconmakakakasaurus:Makakakasaurus 2 0 Monster Adopt! (Fluffy Lad) by Makakakasaurus Monster Adopt! (Fluffy Lad) :iconmakakakasaurus:Makakakasaurus 9 7


Neverhood CCCXVI by SketchBookOaP Neverhood CCCXVI :iconsketchbookoap:SketchBookOaP 22 7 Pixel icon commissions by Jeniak Pixel icon commissions :iconjeniak:Jeniak 1,658 65 COMMISSIONS by RRRAI COMMISSIONS :iconrrrai:RRRAI 530 72
im being accused of condoning rape
lol panic attacks are fun
:iconpiperlovesdevito:piperlovesdevito 1 15
parker by piperlovesdevito parker :iconpiperlovesdevito:piperlovesdevito 13 2
300 watcher raffle!! ending tomorrow!
(update: i have a very busy week so i am delaying this just a little bit! sorry!!)
so i just recently hit 300 watchers!! thank you so much guys, this means heaps to me!!
i will be drawing the winner of this raffle a fullbody!!
all you need to do to enter is reply to this journal with your reference! (makes it easier for me if you win so i can start asap)
sharing this journal is appreciated!
raffle will end when i decide there is enough entries and the winner will be picked on a random number generator!
some examples of fullbodies

:iconunocard:UNOCARD 7 39
got into the calarts cookie jar :( by piperlovesdevito got into the calarts cookie jar :( :iconpiperlovesdevito:piperlovesdevito 33 1
birthday wishlist
Idk if these are a dA thing but if they aren't i'm gonna make them a thing hehe
i know there's a christmas wishlist but i don't want to be specific with like usernames and things like that so i'll just list off some drawing stuff i'd enjoy
>drawings of Notches
>drawings of Bise
>drawings of literally any of my ocs
>fanart/inserts with Over the Garden Wall characters
>fanart/inserts with Madoka Magica characters
>fanart/inserts with It's Always Sunny characters
my birthday is on Sept. 3rd! which is also Labor Day here in the US so wowie i get no school as a present too
:iconpiperlovesdevito:piperlovesdevito 4 0
Mutt and Bum by piperlovesdevito Mutt and Bum :iconpiperlovesdevito:piperlovesdevito 19 10 *licks chu!* x3 by piperlovesdevito *licks chu!* x3 :iconpiperlovesdevito:piperlovesdevito 20 5 Bum before attachment by piperlovesdevito Bum before attachment :iconpiperlovesdevito:piperlovesdevito 17 8 tag yourself by piperlovesdevito tag yourself :iconpiperlovesdevito:piperlovesdevito 13 15 Neverhood CCCXIV by SketchBookOaP Neverhood CCCXIV :iconsketchbookoap:SketchBookOaP 23 17
commissions (out of date)
I will (x) / won't ( ) draw!
humans (x)
animals (x)
anthro/furries (x)
light gore (x)
heavy gore ( )
anything nsfw, including any fetish art ( )
misc. designs / monsters (x)
canon characters (x)
ship art (x)
simple / slightly complicated designs (x)
complicated designs ( )
curses / bad words (x)
light drug / alcohol related themes (x)
degrading / offensive material to any single person, race or religion ( )
keep in mind that i will specifically tell you if your commission information makes me uncomfortable
and i will do this via note, not via comment
messy doodles

bust: 200 :points: / $2.00 
fullbody: 350 :points: / $3.50
doodle page: 500 :points: / $5.00  (4-8 doodles per page)
+shading = +50 :points: / $0.50 
generally comes with a white background or a flatcolor background
1. closed
regular busts
:iconpiperlovesdevito:piperlovesdevito 10 17
outdated reference by piperlovesdevito outdated reference :iconpiperlovesdevito:piperlovesdevito 18 7 too close to the frickin' camera by piperlovesdevito too close to the frickin' camera :iconpiperlovesdevito:piperlovesdevito 14 0



Makakakasaurus's Profile Picture
Leo Crossland
Artist | Student | Varied
New Zealand

~ Pizza owns my soul ~

Welcome to my domain!
Here you can find art of all shapes and sizes!

(Mainly soft and fluffy things though uwu)

Feel free to note me at any time! I love roleplay and just chatting <3

~ Current Commission Info Here! ~

Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke
Trades - Friends Only by SweetDuke
Collaborations - Friends Only by SweetDuke
Welcome to Makasaur's Commissions, 2.0!
Now with a slick guide to commission types!

Makasaur Commission Sheet by Makakakasaurus

I will draw:
- Mild Gore
- Semi-Complicated Designs
- Couples

I will not draw:
- NSFW / Sexual Themes
- Extreme Gore
- Complicated Mech / Weaponry

Feel free to note me about any commissions or questions! <3



Canine Base Adopts #1 (AUCTION! #1 - #3 OPEN)
It's been a while since I've posted, huh?

Here's some auction adopts, like the good ol days!
All prices in USD, PayPal only! AB = Autobuy, SB= Starting Bid
You get: The Unmarked image of the adopt + rights to the character design!

#1 (Yellow)
AB: $7
SB: $1

#2 (Lavender)
AB: $7
SB: $1

#3 (Patch)
AB: $10
SB: $2

#4 (Sunset)

If you decide to autobuy any of them and add +$5 to your payment, I'll draw up a ref for the adopt!

Thanks for reading! <3
My Commission Info!
Goat in the Rain - Speedpaint + Auction!
Find the speedpaint here!

I'm selling this design to the highest bidder! Auction ends on the 30th of September (for the States - that's the 1st of October for Kiwis like me!) or when someone offers the AB: Autobuy!

If you wish to adopt this baby, feel free to make an offer in the comments!

SB: $0.50 (USD) / 50 Points

AB: $6.00 (USD) / 600 Points

PayPal only if paying in cash! 



Deviant Art in the Literal Sense
In an attempt at a realistic style, I referenced Senshistock's pose here and drew Connor from Detroit: Become Human!

I love this pure robit bean <3
the guns are fake because hank doesn't trust him

Edit: added signature (DA isn’t putting my watermark over it?? ;^; )

Pose credit: :iconsenshistock:
An updated redesign of an old robit OC in the spirit of Detroit: Become Human!
Really, removing all that graffiti was just a favour to myself.

I only really have a brief outline of it, but here's Viva's story:

Viva was part of an experimental program of a robotic Police taskforce.
He was, at first, a retired human cop who figured he could put his knowledge to use, and signed up for the program.

The program's intention was to figure out how to upload a human's mind into robotic shells, via electromagnetic pulses. However, the uprising of industrial and personal androids came before the completion of the experiment, and the androids, knowing that a human's mind in a robotic shell could be their downfall, heavily targeted the program's epicentre.

Viva awoke in a dumpster, alone, amnesiac, and confused.


Commission Info~


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