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Flirt || Laxus Dreyar
[Laxus x reader]                 Time seemed to have stopped. No sound could be heard; those who were watching were holding their breaths, afraid of disrupting such dangerous silence. Your muscles were tense, your heart beat fast. There was a slight tremble in your fingers, so you clenched them to hide how nervous you truly felt—the anxiety was building within your chest. You watched him as he watched you, focused yet eager. Only two meters separated you, but you could feel the warmth emanating from his body; the electricity touching the air that surrounded him. His eyes were on you and only you, and the intensity of his stare alm
Fire and Ice (Dabi x Reader Soulmate AU!)
Soulmate AU where your quirk is the opposite of your soulmate's. "Hey, look! It's the Ice Princess!" Oh, how you hated that name! You turned around and gave your fiercest glare at the obnoxious thug who had yelled out the insult. Presenting your palm upwards, a small whirling tornado formed completely out of snow and ice rose in the center of your palm. "The last person who called me that name received a special surprise. Would you like one too?" The thug nervously chuckled and eyed the growing mound of snow in your hand. "The rumors are true, you really are a freak." He spat before running away as fast as his saggy pants would allow his l
Astraphobia || Laxus Dreyar
[Laxus x reader]     A storm was coming—you could feel it.     As you sat down on a chair and placed a mug of coffee in front of you, you casted a glance outside through one of the big windows of the guild. Night had already fallen, taking away the natural glow of the sun and pushing villagers to find shelter in their homes. No sight of the moon could be seen, and no starry sky shone above their heads; clouds had come from the distance, gradually creating a leaden ceiling that threatened to shower upon them.     You turned your head away from the depressing sight, only to soon became aware of the unexpected—or not so much an
In the Name of Love (Yusuke Kitagawa/Reader)
If I told you this was only gonna hurt If I warned you that the fire's gonna burn Would you walk in? Would you let me do it first? Do it all in the name of love "Yusuke, you can't keep living like this-" "I must achieve perfection, (F/n)," he had said, framing her with his fingers. "I will do what I have to." "You've also been working nonstop for hours," she replied. "I think we both could use a break." Yusuke almost seemed to be in despair at her suggestion but let his arms rest by his side nonetheless. "I suppose you're correct. Perhaps my tired state is what is causing this slump..." (F/n) smiled, moving over so her boyfriend could si
Reader x Levi - The Progression of Holding Cups
Reader x Levi - The Progression of How Levi Holds Cups Title:The Progression of How Levi Holds Cups Fandom: Attack on Titan Character: Levi Ackerman Genre: Gentle crack don’t do drugs kids / UA where they have straws Warnings: Strong language Intended Gender Audience: Neutral audience Other comments:  have fun image for preview is inspiration image Lately, you notice that Levi has been holding his tea cup with two hands. Like: both of his small hands clasped around the cup or mug. Sometimes his pinkies were tucked under the bottom of the glass to ensure it did not fall from his grasp.          You raise an eyebrow as he lifts the c
lost password | midoriya
Izuku had lost the password to his email. To his phone. To all of his accounts. Combing through his cabinets, drawers, and shoving multiple things off his desk, heart pounding in his ears, he ignores the thought of never being able to find the tiny piece of paper he had scribbled his password on and being cut off from the online society forever. That is a thought that spreads dread throughout his entire system, rendering him unable to think coherently. He opens each drawer with trembling hands and the tiniest bit of hope in his eyes, yet each time, the paper is never there.            He flops back down onto his bed in defeat, sliding a han
one morning | bakugou
  Fem!Reader | Bakugou Katsuki # Last night composed of kisses and her back arching from the bed, of panted and murmured names, pounding hearts that created the most beautiful of images. Her voice, her name, her face would always stay imprinted in his mind.            Before he became the best hero, internationally, she was who he looked after, she was the only person he wanted to protect. He was sure that he was her hero, and that all she would ever see in him was his passion, his dreams, and his subtle affections.            In his eyes, she was his hero too.            She was late nights telling him that he was not inferior to any
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