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Mature content
Boku no Harem Academia Part 3 (BnHA) :icontaranthygod:TaranThyGod 47 8
Reader x Levi - The Progression of Holding Cups
Reader x Levi - The Progression of How Levi Holds Cups
Title:The Progression of How Levi Holds Cups
Fandom: Attack on Titan
Character: Levi Ackerman
Genre: Gentle crack don’t do drugs kids / UA where they have straws
Warnings: Strong language
Intended Gender Audience: Neutral audience
Other comments: have fun image for preview is inspiration image
Lately, you notice that Levi has been holding his tea cup with two hands. Like: both of his small hands clasped around the cup or mug. Sometimes his pinkies were tucked under the bottom of the glass to ensure it did not fall from his grasp.
         You raise an eyebrow as he lifts the cup to take a sip.
         “Since when did you start holding you cups like that? Are you not feeling well?”
         Your boyfriend glares at you and clicks his tongue. “You know why I held it from a
:iconmythiica:Mythiica 46 7
lost password | midoriya
Izuku had lost the password to his email. To his phone. To all of his accounts. Combing through his cabinets, drawers, and shoving multiple things off his desk, heart pounding in his ears, he ignores the thought of never being able to find the tiny piece of paper he had scribbled his password on and being cut off from the online society forever. That is a thought that spreads dread throughout his entire system, rendering him unable to think coherently. He opens each drawer with trembling hands and the tiniest bit of hope in his eyes, yet each time, the paper is never there.
            He flops back down onto his bed in defeat, sliding a hand over his face in frustration, willing to bask in his sorrow until a mellifluous voice pierces the air.
            “Heeeey Izu-chan!”
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 51 6
one morning | bakugou
Fem!Reader | Bakugou Katsuki
Last night composed of kisses and her back arching from the bed, of panted and murmured names, pounding hearts that created the most beautiful of images. Her voice, her name, her face would always stay imprinted in his mind.
            Before he became the best hero, internationally, she was who he looked after, she was the only person he wanted to protect. He was sure that he was her hero, and that all she would ever see in him was his passion, his dreams, and his subtle affections.
            In his eyes, she was his hero too.
            She was late nights telling him that he was not inferior to anyone, kisses he would half-heartedly wave away, non-existent circles she would draw on h
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 86 12
Obito Sketch by Raisalis Obito Sketch :iconraisalis:Raisalis 6 1
Ink Walls pt.7 [BnHA x reader]

U.A., 1st grade
As months passed by, the gap between you and the rest of the class shortened, mostly thanks to Aizawa’s personalized program and Bakugo’s brutal training (which were like you-do-this-or-you-die).
Your relationships with your classmates settled too.
 Jiro quickly became the person with whom you were able to laugh and share the most. Your connection was immediate and deep, so now it was normal to spend a lot of time with her and tell her everything.
Strangely enough, you also became close with Bakugo. It was maybe due to your regular training, or maybe because you formed an undefeated gaming team. Jiro seemed to be the only other girl he could stand and, before you could realize it, the three of you plus Kirishima and Kaminari formed a regular crew.
As for Tokoyami, your friendship only grew stronger. You still used to hang out with his group, but yours was more of a private link.
You spent
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 14 8
magic drink | bakugo katsuki
After having spent two weeks of holidays in your parents' house, you had come back to your flat, sneezing. Actually, you had spent two weeks of holidays under the living room's air conditioner, 24/7.  It was hot, although it was not the first reason why: your cousins had decided to pay a visit at the same time and your mother asked you to let your queen-sized bed to them. Actually she had basically kicked you out of your bedroom for them. You argued with her, tried to defend your bed, said that you needed it to rest. It was your holidays and not theirs. Although you tried to convice her, she kept saying no. You remembered her saying, “there's two of them and your bed is the biggest, you can lend it to them for two weeks, it won't kill you”.
You had spent the worst holidays of your life on the uncomfortable sofa bed of the living room, watching the most awkward reality shows you had ever known. You had no choice, it was that or going to the beach to look a
:iconcaptain-ciella:captain-ciella 47 10
Levi | Not Living, Not Dead (Zombie!AU)
(AU Note: For maximum effect, listen to this)
Standing on the steps leading to a small cabin, the brunette swept her eyes over her surroundings, from the snow-capped mountains in the distance to the vast sprawling land in front of her. All was silent, save for the loud chirping of the crickets.
The narrow dirt road she had traveled down was empty of vehicles. Tall grass on both sides of the road stretched to the horizon as far as she could see, swaying along to the touch of the gentle breeze. There was no sign of any living thing in the vicinity.
Her guard still up, she turned towards the raven haired man standing behind her, an automatic rifle held to his chest. Jerking her head in the direction of the open area, she spoke in a low voice, her breath condensing in the chilly air. “Watch my six.”
Steel grey eyes met hers. The man nodded and turned his gaze back to the fie
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 50 31
He Wears Laughter | Dabi
Warning: suggestive themes.
You wake up before him—that’s the first mistake.
Lulling morning light tells you to bring the sheets closer, to sink in the cocoon of blankets and let your mind drift off again. The quiet hum of the refrigerator, the faint sounds of traffic during the early morning rush hour, his snoring muffled by the pillow; you could use them all to fall back asleep.
Wait. Your eyes snap open, and you’re sure that you freeze for a second, with your fingers nearly poking holes in the sheets. Snoring?
The bed creaks as you turn. A drop of sweat skates along your skin. The serene twitter of 8 a.m. is kidnapped when your eyes land on purple patchy skin in front of you. In its place, your tongue dries, your throat doesn’t work right (how do you breathe when he’s next to you, right here, right now, asleep and drooling?), and you try to knock your heart off the tightrope it’s suddenly on. Smash your heart off t
:iconobscurephoenix:ObscurePhoenix 44 11
Puzzle Pieces [7]
That next Monday was when you officially started as Yuuei’s school psychologist.
Your office was a little smaller than your room in Heights Alliance, but still spacious enough to fit a few people comfortably. The walls were painted a soft lavender, per your request, and a couple of salt lamps softly glowed alongside the sunlight that poured through the window. Two gray chairs that faced each other sat next to the window, giving a clear view of the cherry blossom trees outside. You felt calm here, and hoped any students visiting would too.
The wooden desk you had been provided with was tucked into the corner, and was currently covered in the student files and incident reports that Aizawa had given you that morning. Although you had heard about the incidents at USJ and the training camp, the details Yuuei had went into much more depth than the news had—which was to be expected of course, some things had to be kept secret for the sanity of the public. You had to force
:iconiimber:iimber 14 5
How Not To Shoot (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)
"SHIT!" The gun kicked back in Bakugou's hand, smashing the angry blonde in the face as he cursed, a small trickle of blood dripping from his nose. "(Y/N), you suck at teaching!"
"No, you just suck at using a gun," you muttered under your breath, rolling your eyes for what felt like the thousandth time that night.
"Huh!? What the hell did you just say!?" Bakugou glared at you fiercely, tightening his grip on the offending weapon in his hand.
"Nothing," you smiled sweetly, activating your quirk. Harsh features softening, Bakugou could only groan as you dampened his fiery anger to a dull smolder, forcing him to relax.
"I hate you." It was almost comical, the way his calm face didn't match his angry words.
"That's a lie," you deadpanned.
"No, it's not," he sulked, averting his eyes from you.
"Katsuki, I can sense your emotions. Don't even try to deny that you don't hate me." Quirking an eyebrow, you smirked at him knowingly.
"Whatever," he grumbled, turning away from y
:iconlordsister:LordSister 116 29
Jumpscares (Kaminari Denki x Fem!Reader)|Adult AU
Another lazy Saturday brought about the usual routine for a pair of young heros. You sat on your second-hand couch with a phone in one hand while the other was occupied by the shockingly soft locs on Kaminari’s head, which rested comfortably in your lap. Said blond was equally as distracted by the smartphone he held above his face, thoughtlessly fiddling with the charms of the black and yellow bracelet on your wrist beside his head. With his ankle planted on the knee of his propped up leg, Kaminari found himself tapping his foot in the air to the melody emanating from your lips that mimicked the ad on your phone.
Always in sync, the two of you met each other’s eyes upon realizing the happenstance, both immediately letting out a chuckle before returning the play on your respective phones. The sounds of auto-played videos and video games filled the otherwise silent apartment spared, for the most part, of Kaminari’s gaudy room decor. Though distracted, he made sure to nu
:iconjeluvs2laugh:JEluvs2laugh 38 2
[ under the cerulean sky. ]
{ shouto todoroki x reader }
"The sky's very stunning..." you mumbled, stretching your arms out as if reaching something from above, "Reminds me of your eye."
You face the side to look at the boy lying on the grass next to you. Both of you were in a field, far away from all the noise of cars and people walking about on the busy street. His face was facing the sky, examining each cloud that passed by every second, looking like floating cotton candies, and then he looked at you. Shouto's eyes squinted as he heard what you told him and looked at you with an annoyed expression but instantly softened as he saw you admiring his attractive visage.
"What are we doing here anyway?" Shouto asked you as he reached out his hand to grab yours.
"I don't know," you told him, squeezing his hand tightly. "What do you think we'll be like when we get old?"
Shouto hummed and closed his eyes, welcoming silence for a few seconds before opening his mouth to answer, "Obvi
:iconmooncults:mooncults 27 1
Late Night Tempura (Aizawa Shouta x Reader)
The overhead lights kept flickering, accompanied by a metallic buzz that grated on his nerves.
Aizawa Shouta sighed and rubbed his temples. He was tired, even moreso than usual. What he wanted was to go home, retreat into his sleeping bag and sleep forever. Obviously that wasn't a feasible option, but a few hours would make a lot of difference to his current mood. Oh, nothing spectacular had gone wrong at UA or while he was on patrol, but there was still an ache in his lower back and a slump to his shoulder that signified it was time for him rest.
Of course, he wasn't expecting to see what he did around the corner.
Aizawa stopped in his tracks.
You were standing down the aisle, frowning slightly with concentration as you mentally debated over which flavouring of instant noodles you were in the mood for. The sight was so innocuous that it seemed bizarre. How often had he imagined scenarios played through his mind of meeting you again?
Aizawa had never been a social man. As you might exp
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 45 7
Mature content
Flavour (Adult!Shoto Todoroki x Adult!reader) :iconvenulus:Venulus 35 17
Love Me Back (Kaminari Denki x Reader)
"Please, (y/n)!!! I promise it'll be fun!"
"My answer is the same as the last twenty times you asked me." Turning around, you fixed the begging blonde following you with a deadpan expression. "No, I have to study."
"(Y/N)!!!" Flopping on the floor, Kaminari whined your name, reaching out and grabbing your ankles. "PLEASE!!!"
"No!" You continued walking, dragging the electric boy across the floor for a few paces before he finally let go, face pressed flat against the dirty surface. With a backward glance, you sighed and left him behind, returning your attention to the book in your hands.
It was a few minutes before anyone noticed Kaminari still lying face-down where you left him, Kirishima's and Sero's pitying laughter accompanying their footsteps. Of course, they both already knew the reason for their friend's melancholy.
"It's useless, man. This is (y/n) we're talking about," Kirishima chuckled, rolling the limp Kaminari onto his back.
"She's so independent and emotionless, she
:iconlordsister:LordSister 84 30


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