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HMLS: Tori Alecsandri by usae HMLS: Tori Alecsandri :iconusae:usae 97 60 SW: Tseng-Akera by neruteru SW: Tseng-Akera :iconneruteru:neruteru 57 10 Comm: 35 by Wosda Comm: 35 :iconwosda:Wosda 12 7
mew Black Raspberry episode 2
"Enter the Cat--Justice Lies in a Girl in Love!"
Please enjoy and review!
After the first Predasite had been defeated, Davey had returned to normal human form without any bearcat ears or a tail and then she was taken back to the café to continue her conversation with her new bosses.
Wesley had set down two dishes filled with vanilla ice cream that had a banana in each while they were covered with chocolate sauce and had a cherry on top for the girl and her Digimon to eat.
"Okay, so an alien race is what's been sending those monsters to Earth?" Davey questioned.
"That's right. You already saw what they can do to a small animal with an Infuser, but just imagine what they could do with a larger animal. We'd be in great danger which is why we need to start our operation right away and find the other five girls." Elliot said.
"This I understand, but I still don't get why I have to work in the café." The girl pouted.
"It's simple. The other Mew Mews will be girls around your
:iconmiraclesveemon:MIRACLESVEEMON 5 3
Male! ReaderXKyoya: Seme or Uke?
"Hey (Name)-Sempai, Kyoya-Sempai." The two males turn their heads to see two flustered customer of the host club.
"Mairu, Rita hi~" (Name) smiled happily, invisible hearts flying about him; his hand holding the raven's next to him.
"What did you ladies come to ask about?" Kyoya asked while holding on tighter to the hand in his, these two were some of his boyfriend's biggest admirers; he didn't know what to expect, his jealousy alos churning in his stomach.
"We-well we were reading d-doujinshi about you two that Renge-dono gave us a-and w-we we-were arguing over something..." Mairu stuttered, her face flushing.
"We were wondering w-who is the seme and who is the uke in y-your relationship." Rita said out calmly and boldly.
"Huh?" The reply was in unison, the couple looked confused.
"Uh-well-uh-" Mai's face was like a tomato as Rita also flushed wildly.
"Th-the man in the relationship." Rita continued.
"But we're both men." An animated question mark appeared above (Name)'s head, tilting
:icondarienoppal:DarienOppal 739 218
Sasuke x Seme!Male!Reader - Embarrassment
  (M/N) walked slowly through the bustling streets of Konoha, heading towards the training ground to meet his team. Ever since he had come to Konoha he had been assigned to Team 7. Sure, it was loud and a bit chaotic but that's as bad as it can get, right? 
  The training ground began to come into view, (M/N) saw the usual sight of Sasuke and Naruto fighting and Sakura threatening to bash his head in for daring to touch 'her' Sasuke.
Oh,if only she knew...
  And Kakashi was of course, not there. As soon as Sakura spotted the (h/c) male she immediately squealed, "Ah! (M/N)-Kun! How are you today!?" with her cheeks tinted a slight pink.
"Fine...I guess."
  (M/N) drew his attention to the fighting duo. 
"Shut up, Teme! I'm way better than you!"
"Whatever, Dobe. Your skills are equal to that of a untrained four year old."
"What was that you Bastard!?
 Those two never do stop fighting, do they? Suddenly, an idea popped into (M/N) head. 
:iconsoontobeotaku-chan:SoonToBeOtaku-Chan 595 232
Tsunayoshi Sawada - DJ by MSelmag Tsunayoshi Sawada - DJ :iconmselmag:MSelmag 129 17 Kuroko as GoM Render Pack by Sei234 Kuroko as GoM Render Pack :iconsei234:Sei234 33 0 3P by Animaidens 3P :iconanimaidens:Animaidens 70 14 HxD by Rin89 HxD :iconrin89:Rin89 226 31 Toushiro and Hyorinmaru by aagito Toushiro and Hyorinmaru :iconaagito:aagito 509 20 Angry Toushiro by aagito Angry Toushiro :iconaagito:aagito 611 26 Bleach: Hitsugaya Toushiro by AR-UA Bleach: Hitsugaya Toushiro :iconar-ua:AR-UA 230 26 BLEACH-Daiguren Hyourinmaru by fukofujin BLEACH-Daiguren Hyourinmaru :iconfukofujin:fukofujin 85 4


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