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Death Battle: Baldur Vs Daken Prelude

Every family, no matter how famous, has that one screw up everyone talks about behind their back, and there is PLENTY to talk about when it comes to this two problem kids. Baldur, the messenger of Odin, and Daken the psychotic mutant.


Name: Baldur
Norse God of Light
Son of Odin and Freya
Species: Half Aesir half Vanir
Has a pet dragon
Tattoos translate to “Cursed”, “I am death”, “The Norns weaved out this bound”.

History: Long, long, ago a war broke out between the Aesir gods led by the Allfather Odin and the Vanir led by Queen of the Valkyrie
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Death Battle Problem Child: Baldur Vs Daken by MajorM117 Death Battle Problem Child: Baldur Vs Daken :iconmajorm117:MajorM117 9 6
Scrooge McDuck Vs Don Krieg Part 2


Scrooge McDuck

Faster and more durable
Just as strong if not stronger
Over a whole generation of more experience
A better marksmen
Weapons simply have more variety than Krieg
His cane jump can counter Kriegs sword mantle shield
The Omnisolv umbrella can one shot him
Anti-Inertia and Neru-Friction nullifies any of Krieg physical abilities
Helen of Troys Harp can potentially tell Scrooge if Krieg is trying to deceive him (Though it's unlikely he will have the Harp on him)
More skill in hand to hand combat
Standard firearms and cannons will be ineffective against Krieg's armor
Has no defense against MH5 poison bomb
No armor
Several weapons have a l
:iconmajorm117:MajorM117 6 2
Scrooge McDuck Vs Don Krieg Part 1
The phrase greed is good is a saying that's true and old as time itself, and these two embody this saying to a t. Will the honest hardworking King of the Klondike, Scrooge Mcduck reign victorious? Or will the infamous Pirate Fleet Admiral Don Krieg fry this fowl?
Scrooge McDuck
"I made my money on the seas, and in the mines, and in the cattle wars of the old frontier! I made it by being tougher than the toughies, and smarter than the smarties! And I made it square!"
Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland a young Scrooge Mcduck of the Clan McDuck he made a living by shining boots encased in stone he made his pay when a ditch digger tricked the small duck by paying him with US dime instead of five pences, while most children would be discouraged by this trickery this changed Scrooge's entire look on life he decided that he would become
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Death Battle: Kylo Ren Vs Reaper by MajorM117 Death Battle: Kylo Ren Vs Reaper :iconmajorm117:MajorM117 8 0
Death Battle: Kylo Ren Vs Reaper
Betrayal can be a very powerful feeling, the feeling of distrust, abandonment, or the feeling when you're at work and you buy the last root beer but when you come back from the bathroom your ASSHOLE FRIEND THOUGHT IT WAS THEIRS AND THROWS IT AWAY JANICE YOU FUCKING- Anyway, as of recently two combatants seem to embrace this feeling the most, Kylo Ren the Jedi killer, and Reaper, Talons agent of death.
The Reaper
“Death Walks Among you”
Sometime in the distant future humanity was threatened by a series sentient killer android, known as the terminat- Omics; to combat these killer robots the United Nations formed a Special tasks force called Overwatch. The head scientist at Overwatch conducted a series of controversial experiments in a hope to create the perfect super soldier, and they succeed creating a series of advanced humans,
:iconmajorm117:MajorM117 9 2
Death Battle: X-23 Vs Painwheel by MajorM117 Death Battle: X-23 Vs Painwheel :iconmajorm117:MajorM117 2 0 Death Battle: Designed for death X-23 Vs Painwheel by MajorM117 Death Battle: Designed for death X-23 Vs Painwheel :iconmajorm117:MajorM117 1 0 Death Battle Problem Child: Baldur Vs Kylo Ren by MajorM117 Death Battle Problem Child: Baldur Vs Kylo Ren :iconmajorm117:MajorM117 5 1 Death Battle Badass Grandpas: Garp VS Heihachi by MajorM117 Death Battle Badass Grandpas: Garp VS Heihachi :iconmajorm117:MajorM117 5 3
Mature content
Death Battle Prediction: Carnage Vs Lucy :iconmajorm117:MajorM117 6 14
What is with the My Hero Academia downplay?
I have been reading some written fights on here and a wow, people have been greatly downplaying My Hero Academia especially in terms of speed. A common speed downgrade I've seen is saying well when they dodge Bakugo explosions its more aim that doesn't work for three reasons, one Deku has proven fast enough to outrun some of his explosions, and two Uruka has managed to avoid a good majority of his rapid explosions even they she got hit in the end they were coming so fast there would be no time for aim dodging, and third Bakugo often uses his explosions to give him a boost in speed such as in the festival race and several charters were able to keep up with him.
And this is just with speed, All Might has especially been getting downplayed a lot but that can be its own thing.
I guess I have just been getting a little disappointed in the Vs Debating community here were the charter they clearly want to win defeats someone way stronger then them and then trys to downplay the other charter ig
:iconmajorm117:MajorM117 3 29
Death Battle: Ryu Vs Jin Kazama by MajorM117 Death Battle: Ryu Vs Jin Kazama :iconmajorm117:MajorM117 5 0 Death Battle: Unleash the power of the SUN! by MajorM117 Death Battle: Unleash the power of the SUN! :iconmajorm117:MajorM117 7 1
Death Battle Prediction: Ryu Vs Jin Kazama
"Don't fight for victory--fight to improve yourself. Victory will come."
Orphaned at a young age with no memories of his parents, young Ryu was taken in by the secluded martial artist master Gouken, Gouken trained him in the Ansatsuken fighting style alongside with Goukens best friends son Ken Masters, while Ryu and Ken would originally start out as rivals through heated blood and harsh training the two became best friends.
At the age of 23 Gouken claimed he had no more that he could teach Ryu, Ryu would set off and enter the World Warrior tournament where he faced off against the legendary Sagat; while Ryu had previously dominated each previous fighter Sagat proved different easil
:iconmajorm117:MajorM117 11 37
Agent Bishop keeps a eye on Death Battle

Name: John Bishop
Estimated year of birth 1776
Height: 6’0
Weight: 200lbs
Director of Earth Protection Force
Became the President in the year 2105
Nicknamed “The Unkillable”
The only version of Bishop that is human.
-Was a U.S Soldier in the War of 1812.
-During the Battle of New Orleans Bishop was abducted by aliens and experimented on.
--He managed to escape in time to return to the battle.
-Help create the black ops “Earth Protection Force”.
-Responsible for the Roswell incident of 1947.
-Has spent hundreds of years capturing aliens on Earth and experimenting on them.
-Spied on the Turtles and their friends for years without them finding out.
-Delivered Professor Honeycutt (The Fugitoid) to the federation saving Earth.
-Took on the four Tur
:iconmajorm117:MajorM117 22 10


Hooray! by mosaic56 Hooray! :iconmosaic56:mosaic56 8 0 Two Sides of a Hero by TaiyakiPress Two Sides of a Hero :icontaiyakipress:TaiyakiPress 7 4 Inktober day 3: Roasted by GrievousAlien Inktober day 3: Roasted :icongrievousalien:GrievousAlien 44 6 Happy Hug by LC-Holy Happy Hug :iconlc-holy:LC-Holy 242 13 Glamour girls by LC-Holy Glamour girls :iconlc-holy:LC-Holy 166 5 Sweet moment by LC-Holy Sweet moment :iconlc-holy:LC-Holy 185 5 Phantom Stranger (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho Phantom Stranger (Earth-27) commission :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 92 7 Inktober2018 Day15: WEAK (One Piece fanart) by Wutherdollshadow Inktober2018 Day15: WEAK (One Piece fanart) :iconwutherdollshadow:Wutherdollshadow 7 2 same hair by thatangryghost same hair :iconthatangryghost:thatangryghost 294 10 titles are hard by thatangryghost titles are hard :iconthatangryghost:thatangryghost 125 3 The 3 BNHAs + speedpaint by Heenifer The 3 BNHAs + speedpaint :iconheenifer:Heenifer 495 27 bffs by thatangryghost bffs :iconthatangryghost:thatangryghost 262 7 Inktober Day 1: Dabi by Quextamon Inktober Day 1: Dabi :iconquextamon:Quextamon 50 1 Inktober Day 2: Toga by Quextamon Inktober Day 2: Toga :iconquextamon:Quextamon 61 0 Inktober Day 5: Spinner by Quextamon Inktober Day 5: Spinner :iconquextamon:Quextamon 24 3 Inktober Day 7: Twice by Quextamon Inktober Day 7: Twice :iconquextamon:Quextamon 28 1



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In a world where vomit comes out of my mouth, I woke up and created a Deviant art account.


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