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I will post this on Royal Road.

Lanuleta University – Psychology Class

Where I 'Wow' the Ladies With My Charisma

A curling question mark of yellow appeared in her red bangs when I asked her, "So…does all your hair change colors?"

It was just a 'starter' question. Soon enough, I'd have her wrapped around my finger and an assured, sexy college girlfriend.  

*Took you all hour to come up with that line, huh?*

I ignored the familiar voice and waited on her answer with a smile.

The girl looked up from her book and stared at me. Clearly taking in a full view of my impressive physique.

*Only if she has a wild imagination.*

She blinked and asked back, "All my hair?"

"Even if you like to keep it trimmed or waxed…I'd love to know." I drove the point home with a little smirk.

Her mouth dropped open and…I don't remember much after that before waking up in the university doctor's office with a massive headache.

Then the walls melted and I was back in the classroom again. Everyone else was glancing around and murmuring.

The professor pressed his glasses back and they shifted into a bird with temple arms fluttering in the air. He clapped his gloved hands and announced, with his booming voice, "Welcome to Psychology 101."

The glasses-bird sat calmly on a tall bookshelf off the side, its lenses panning around the room.

"My apologies for that rather disconcerting introduction. I am Dr. Kellemann and I am magically-sending a photographic-quality copy of the syllabus into the long-term memory center of your brains. You can also download a paper copy for your records from my website, which is also already in your minds."

He was right. I could probably recite every single word of it, including dates for examinations and readings.

*Much better magic than you get at a community college.*

Kellemann explained that, along with the original syllabus transfer, he had sent (via the fabric in his gloves) a mental exploration of, "A little piece of your personality." He assured that anything which occurred was "personal and occurred only in a reality of your mind."

Naturally, there was a quick-write essay coming about the experience.

I flexed my writing hand with a sigh. The girl with the color changing hair was, in reality, on the other side of the room. She looked right at me when I glanced over. I made like I was examining the texture of the wall behind her.

When it came time for writing, I was glad I wasn't the only one who sat and stared at the paper a bit before Kellemann noticed and added, "You won't have to share it but you will have to share something of note from the experience."

I glared at the whiteness of the paper.

*You're never gonna will words onto it by staring at it.*

No, that was the guy over to my right. Letters spewed from the black of his eyes and settled onto the page.

As the stems of the glasses-bird clopped around on the bookshelf, my mind began to wander.


I first wandered to thoughts about the nicely-detailed LanU symbols (which had been burned into my mind with the syllabus).  

Lanuleta University was established, as a response to the discovery and development of the science of "magic", by a business man who considered himself a wizard even before the mainstreaming of magic.

It was all way before I was born. It had some technical term I learned back in high school. "Non-Something Energy Translation Via Conscious or Mechanical Interaction". Had to do with physics.

Everyone just said "magic" anyway.

It was why my dad could fly to work. And my mom was a personal trainer who taught people how to literally reshape their appearance. And why I had a woman's voice inside my head all the time.

*Time is wasting on the writing…*

My thoughts wandered back in the right direction. But I was still faced with the same problem --- It was embarrassing!

Bad enough I was already thinking about the multi-colored pubic hair of a girl who looked intimidating but who felt so very captivating.

*And who you know absolutely nothing about, particularly her name.*

She was gorgeous though. Perfectly-shaped from this side. Long, rich hair with colors that flowed like water. Her hair tones were pale blue at the moment, probably lost in thought as her slim hand danced across her paper. Her skin was naturally dusty, a seasoned brown in the scattered light of the room. She felt so beautiful that I couldn't keep from at least glancing in her direction every few moments. The girl looked lovely even when she yawned a little.

*If you're gonna compose a poem to her, at least write it. Sheesh…*

I considered it but eventually reflected on the rather pompous nature of whatever part of my personality had been pulled out.

I noticed one of the curly-haired girls on the right was doing some strange things with the girl next to her. Apparently, the curly-haired one had copy magic because her hand was identical to the other girl's. And the other girl seemed like my aunt in that she could change the texture and color of her body. They both had blue arms with white nails.

I didn't see any other obvious magical abilities. Of course then my uncle just had the ability to smell things from far away. Probably the best one I'd heard of was that one of the professors around actually had the rare ability to undo damage to objects. He'd once worked at restoring old works. He could fix anything just by focusing on it.

My further musings were interrupted by more lecturing from the professor. I really didn't want to present anything that I'd written. But I noticed the girl volunteered.

After prompting by the professor, she gave her name, "Nasira Jafri. I'm a double major in psychology and pre-med. My little vision left me with some confusion at first. I had this feeling it wasn't real but I couldn't break out of it. The personality was very bitter about others and rather impulsive. And that is not me at all. But I figure it's related to my shadow aspect as detailed in Chapter 1-B."

All the while, her hair looked golden and flowed like a sea of wheat.

The professor smiled and then spoke a bit on "shadows".

*Aren't you kinda out of her league?*

Maybe. But then my voice pined for a guy in the neighborhood where I lived who could convert his body mass into pure muscle.

*It could happen! I, at least, tried to talk to him…sorta. Are you going do anything but give Nasira longing looks?*

In fact, I would. Kinda…

I raised my hand as soon as a pause came in the lecture and offered my name, "Uh…Miguel Reyes. I'm…still exploring my options for a major. Freshman. My vision thing…I was kinda more confident. I approached a girl I hadn't met before and gave her a come-on line. She left me regretting it." I tried with all my might not to look in Nasira's direction.

It earned a little chuckle from the other students. After I was done, I checked out Nasira with a sideways glance. She had her book open and she was copying something down. I kinda wished she had been watching me, if only a little.

A couple others chimed in and the professor started to outline the course in more detail. First, there was a paper involving abnormal psychology. And, as I knew from the precisely-remembered guidelines, there would have to be some personal research involved. I assumed that involved the psychology labs where we could use mental manipulation gloves and other materials. I knew this partly again from the information that had been left in my head and partly because I knew someone who'd been a psych major at the school. I bought his used textbooks and, by some rare, fantastic miracle, they were the same edition required by the syllabus.

Dr. Kellemann said he would go over the safety protocol next class because, "I always get those gung-ho students who wind up with complex psychological problems or amnesia or even worse. Nothing irreversible but be wary till I've explained everything."

I took some notes but most of it was an elaboration of the syllabus. I couldn't imagine why Nasira was reading and writing so furiously.

After all the dry explanation, he ended with a raised glove and said, "As a fun counterpoint, I'm going to give you one last little experience for today. This will be as pleasant as I can make it. It'll also be part of the opening discussion next time." He gave a wave of his hand.


I approached him with my head down. Nasir. His hair was so beautiful, like a forest alive. His top button was undone and I could catch the barest glimpse of his broad, dark chest.

I squirmed a bit.

This was a bad idea. I turned to go but he spoke in clear, confident words like electricity, "Hi. You're Michelle Reyes from class, right?"

I felt a shiver like he had breathed deep inside me.

I turned, my head still down with my long, black hair cloaked around my face, and squeaked, "I guess…hi. Sorry!" I was flush all over.

He calmly smiled and asked me to sit. I fell into the chair like my knees were going to cave under me. He reached across the table and slid his hands over mine. They were so big and so strong.

I gave a quick little smile and tried to find my words.

Before I could speak, he had moved his chair over to my side. He said, "You look like you could use a backrub."

His hands across my back felt amazing. He knew just the places that bothered me the most. I felt so relaxed and so peaceful. I accepted him utterly as his hands traced around to my front and embraced me. He expertly worked the muscles around my breasts. He knew just how to excite me without pressing too strongly.

As he finished, I gasped and a single word escaped my lips.



Then it all faded away and I was back to reality. I sat there in silence a bit. The people around me were laughing and standing up from their chairs. I figured their experiences weren't quite what I'd had.

*Gimme more!*

I rolled my eyes and glanced across the room to where Nasira had been sitting. She was already gone. The door on that side was wide open.

I brushed a bit at my black hair. It was a little disconcerting for it to be this short but I figured…hoped the sensation would pass quickly.

After stuffing all my papers into my messenger bag, I considered approaching Dr Kellemann about that last experience, but he was pretty well swarmed. So I just listened around.

Soon enough, someone asked for me and he asked a couple of open-ended question which culminated in, "It might be an interesting topic to bring up for discussion next time."

I sighed.

*Ask him how we can do it again!*

I pressed my hands around my ears, despite the fact it did nothing to quiet the voice, and headed out of the room.
=First Part=
[link](Next Part >>>)

More to come soon. This is the promised story based on the poll a few weeks back.

Hope you enjoy!
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

I say this all the time, but it bears repeating. You have a unique talent to create a world very quickly in which I’m already invested in the characters. However, I did feel it got off to a slightly rocky start. I didn’t have a clear picture as to what was going on until after the first break. I’ve pointed out a few of my points of confusion in the lines. I’m not expecting you to fill in all the gaps, but since you’re already starting with a mystical world where we have very little understanding, I’d like to see some of the information about the world a little earlier in the story.

I’m reminded of a story you did some time ago when you had just strange occurrences happening all over for no other reason than you could. That’s what I saw happening with the glasses-bird. But it was definitely fun.

Already we’ve seen that this person has a fluid reality and perception. I like that you’ve established that so early on. In fact, I think I’ve spotted a few points which may come up later in the story. I guess I’m trying to outthink your zappiness this time around.

And as for the last scene. Ahem. Right.

I’m eager to start on the next story. I’m enjoying it and I’m looking forward to where this will go.

-I really enjoy your goofy “ATTC-style” titles, by the way.
-The first line confused me when I first read it, but after I read it again, I liked it. Curious yet descriptive.
“I'd have her wrapped around my finger and an assured, sexy college girlfriend.” Maybe “around my finger as an assured, sexy college girlfriend.” Or maybe “and be assured a sexy college girlfriend.” I’m having trouble understanding the line. We can talk more about it later if you want. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
-I like the little internal voices. It says it’s “familiar,” so I’m suspecting the internal voice of self doubt, but now that I’m pondering it, I’m suspecting it might be something else.
-Yup. He had that coming.
-“Pressed his glasses back?” When I read this I think of pushing glasses up a person’s nose. Why would it suddenly become a bird on his nose then fly off? Wouldn’t it be easier if he put them in his pocket or hand?
-I had to look up “temple arms” to understand what you were talking about. Is this a common description I just haven’t come across before?
- *Much better magic than you get at a community college.* - A brilliant world-building offhand comment. Beautiful!
- Kellemann explained that, along with the original syllabus transfer, he had sent (via the fabric in his gloves) a mental exploration of, "A little piece of your personality." – There are a lot of pauses in this sentence. Maybe it should be split up into a couple sentances or maybe the gloves line be removed?
-Okay, I’ve seen the “A little piece of your personality.” And I suspect it might be a bit more important than you lead on with.
-What experience?
-I like the bit about letters coming from the eyes. It’s a bit creepy though.

I had to reread the first section a couple times as I was confused what was going on. I’ve pointed out some of my points of confusion above. I would like a bit more clarity as to what’s happening.

-Yes! I’m delighted it’s a woman’s voice inside his head.
-I love this description of the girl’s hair. I’m reminded a bit of Tonks from Harry Potter (appears in Order of the Phoenix, I’m not sure if you made it that far).
-Just had a fun idea for mood-changing hair. ^^
-I’m enjoying this fun internal dialogue between Voice and MC, but I want to hear what the Professor is saying. Already I have a much better grip on the universe, but I want to know more about it!
-Hmmm…is this vision thing an ability to see briefly into the future? Or possibly a coming future? Similar to Nicholas Cage’s ability in Next?
-Wow. Um…wow. Yeah…*Cough* what she said. *Points over yonder* Isn’t that a demonic duck of some sort? *Runs away, red*

I have a few other comments that I want to share with you in chat. You’ll like them <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
majorkerina's avatar
Confusion in the opening was intentional you'll see as I go...very much in keeping with my themes ^^. I'm sure your thinking will catch me.

That wording was a little weird but I kinda like the implication. We'll see if we can modify it to be clearer while still having a particular...feeling...I want to express ^^.

The reason for him pushing his glasses back...well...I just think it's cool to have someone's glasses fly off their head as a bird ^^. A glasses bird in the hand isn't quite worth one on the nose ^^ hehe.

I had to look up the term because I wanted to say something more precise than...arms of glasses...thingies.

His gloves are important though ^^. I might give that bit another look to see how I can improve it while keeping the sense I want for the overall story.

The line is important ^^.

Experience - meaning the little "piece of" experience to start the class ^^.

I was aware I would get some comparisons to Tonks ^^. Hope I made her different enough.

Love to chat ^^. But I wanna catch up with all of these first.
tomjhyde's avatar I said, I hope to reread it and see how I feel about it as the writer some day (to steal a line from Ben).
-See above. ^^
-*Punhammers* Might want to make it a little clearer though. I was really confused what was happening. I seriously had to read that several times before I figured it out.
-Hmmm...might want to be careful since a lot of people won't know it, if you had to look it up too.
-Ummm...looking back, I didn't see the gloves referenced once in the rest of the story. ^^;
-All lines are important! ;)
-You made her quite different. Tonks has full control, while hers is influenced by mood. So don't worry about it!
majorkerina's avatar
*nods* ^^. Okay.

Okay, I was wrong, not important ^^. They're just the technological magical object he uses.

^^ and yay!
tomjhyde's avatar
Yay! I win one! ^^ *giddy happy dance* ^^

(Hey, I gotta take what I can get! ;) )
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Definitely an interesting story, even if it gives as many questions as answers. You're left with a definite feel for the main characters, one that differs greatly from that first glimpse. The second vision, on the other hand, seems to give a lot more insight into the girl in his head - and I have to wonder if the professor knows about her.

For that matter, I'm sure I'm not the only one curious over how she got in there, how much of him IS her, and whether you're not jus pulling another Dida on it. (Those of you who don't know what I mean... Go read my big sister's work, and you'll find out!)

I'm consumately interested in figuring out where this is going to go, and I honeslty look forward to seeing where you take it. You've already gotten past one of the main obstacles when creating a fantasy world - explaining magic without boring your audience - and from here, you're free to paint a universe as you see fit. The exploration of individual talents is especially interesting, as I have to wonder how they developed in a society where magic became mainstream, rather than starting off that way. I'm looking forward to seeing where the story will go, and how long your main character will keep his manhood. (Though he might keep it all together, I know you - and have listened to enough suggestions from you on stories - to have my own personal theories that I won't share. Unfair advantage of being your male little sis, and all.)

Either way, I look forward to more!
Zorua076's avatar
Psychology and mental magic. Never a good combination.

Miguel is one of those mind-wandering observant people. I can relate. Why do each of your characters seem to have something from my personality?

The personality shifts in these projected hypotheticals are interesting. Michelle seems so nervous. Probably a reflection on his uncertainty. And for the other one, if I had to take the psychological aspect, I suppose the pompous-Miguel was more of a projection of his Id, his instinctive unconscious nature. Of course, that's Freudian terminology, looks like that applies to this hypothetical anyway. Id it is.
majorkerina's avatar
^_^ Hehe. There's a lot of psychology in this one to be sure.
RestlessLucidity's avatar
I can sympathize with this guy... I mean, it's usually nice to have Tara in my head and all, but...

Tara: But what, Lucidy-kun?

Gah! ... I mean it's nice and all, but... ^^;

Anyway! Back to the comment. Quite an interesting way to open this story. And this guy, our protagonist, is in an... interesting situation. He has a girl he likes, as many boys in school related stories do, but she doesn't like him. Oh, and not to mention... there's a feminine voice in his head. Now, I know that there's a feminine voice in a lot of people's heads... but this one actually talks. I can't wait to see some of the funny situations that come out of that. And where things go with rainbow hair girl... hehe...

SCIENCE meets magic! I don't really know whether saying that science can create magic effects would make modern day scientists happy or... the exact opposite. But either way, cool way to describe it! Also looking forward to seeing the effects that has on daily life... besides that ones that have already been described, of course.

I'm glad that I got my start on this today. So much to look forward to in the days to come. ^^
majorkerina's avatar
^_^ Hehe. *smiles* Hope you like it! It'll be nifty ^^.
RestlessLucidity's avatar
I'm sure I will. ^^
RestlessLucidity's avatar
There can never really give too many hugs. ^^

majorkerina's avatar
RestlessLucidity's avatar
^^ Yay! Hugs all around!
majorkerina's avatar
Woo! Btw...I find you can reply to and also save messages ^^. It's a click-able option. Something actually useful ^^.
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You can never really give too many hugs. Forgive the... little typo there. ^^ ;
Killer, you pulled me in to the story and kept me in their world. Real curious what caused the girl to be in his head, and if it's a part of him or not. 0_o
majorkerina's avatar
^_^ Hehe. You'll see...
ranmasaotome123's avatar
Wow! This sure is interesting, it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase: "There are voices in my head..." I really can't say anything more than COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
majorkerina's avatar
Thanks! Hope you enjoy it ^^.
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