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Bowsette in a Virgin Killer Redhead Tanned Alt by majorkerina Bowsette in a Virgin Killer Redhead Tanned Alt :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 100 12 Bowsette in A Virgin Killer Sweater by majorkerina Bowsette in A Virgin Killer Sweater :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 200 8
Lost Things TG

"I could really use a trim for summer. My hair is dripping out here."
Edgar glanced at his girlfriend Denise as she batted sweat away from her full, tan locks. She'd had her hair lightened a few times and it had once almost come out gray. To his surprise, she wasn't mortified. She actually kept it for a few weeks, noting, "If you live long enough, everyone goes gray eventually."
He flicked a few beads from his own, much-closer dirty-blond "lawn" (as Denise liked to call it) and pulled her in for a wobbling hug as they walked. She was as sweaty as him with a sheen across her freckled, lightly-tanned face. She pulled up her lavender tank with a soft flash of her tummy and nudged on her tight jeans. 
Edgar regretted his stark-black shirt choice with the sun intensely blasting their eyes but at least his camo-green shorts flapped against his most sensitive areas. It was not the sort of day for a long walk but they didn't have a choice. 
The ca
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 23 10
Samus's Day Off SmashxSNKHeroines Comic Crossover by majorkerina Samus's Day Off SmashxSNKHeroines Comic Crossover :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 17 2
Returns TG: Chapter 2 - Philoporia

Chapter 2 - Philoporia

The afternoon sun seemed to singe the electrical poles a deeper shade of brown while the tan dust nearly bleached white as the wind whipped it against walls, gates, and cars. Half-buried, gnarled bushes bowed against the beating as the gales tore the last flashes of floral color from their stalks. The gate of the farm surplus braced against its rusty chains, a fresh coat of paint from last month was not enough to conceal splintering and dirt embedded between the layers. 
A stream of black-and-whites zoomed down the narrow road, sirens squawking and lights flashing. Traffic released their accelerators to let them pass but still ambled after. Soon, a sneaking entourage followed a path carved by the police. 
At Sunrock Library, slathered in smooth stucco nearly the same shade as the beaten ground, dust-speckled cars of silver, black, and white sought slim, angled-eastward shadows.
Within, Bridgette had brought se
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The Wishing Well TG Shortie

The Wishing Well

Maddie stomped ahead of her big brother, Sam, as he tossed branches and laughs over her head. She wasn't allowed to go alone to the old garden past the fence. They had been playing hide-and-seek by the old, weed-tangled wall when they found the old well. 
It was small, with a worn roof above and darkened boards ringing it. Sam spit down it and hauled up the old, clattering metal bucket attached to a rope but only a tiny bit of muddy rainwater leaked from the old thing. Written in rusted letters on the side of the bucket were the words, "This magic well, enchanted by faerie folk, shall grant ye a wish if gold be given." 
Sam snorted a chuckle but young Maddie beamed and wondered. A wish. She stayed up at night thinking and dreaming of it. She didn't have gold but she knew where to get it. Her father's coin collection had a precious golden coin found when he went diving in the Carribean. Since he didn't lock the cabi
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 23 2
Accidental Bust Cream TG Shortie

Accidental Bust Cream 

Heath ran a cold shower over his rash-covered body. He'd just been clearing out an old part of the lawn when he hit a few saplings. There had to be poison sumac in there and he caught it all. His arms were just the easiest but sorest to touch. Red soon spread across his chest, pits, groin, feet, face, and even eyes. Waiting it out was a challenge in distraction from pain. 
He went searching for something as a remedy, turning over old cabinets, opening musty drawers, and searching behind boxes. Eventually, he found an old, worn cream tube with just pictures on the front. It showed a woman putting out red spots on her arms. The anatomy was a bit inconsistent as her bust was several times bigger with shimmering skin results. 
It smelled like something he would put on his skin and didn't burn as he applied it to a section of his wrist. Rubbing gently, he covered his arms in soothing, somewhat-minty relief. S
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 38 2
Toxic Masculinity TG

Toxic Masculinity

I just got back from the gym for the evening when the pain started in my back. I'd pushed myself a few times but nothing too serious, certainly not enough to cause this sort of pain. I knew the pain of leg-lifting objects which would make others tear muscles just to slide them. This was not that pain. 
It was like having a big, hot pimple inside my body, throbbing and craving pressure. Adding that pressure just made it worse. I roared as I tried to find a good spot to sit. At home, leaning up against the couch in the dark was nice for a moment.
I flexed and breathed like I could lift this weight off like any put on me. Didn't help. In the mirror, I figured I looked bad. My inch-deep, rusty beard curled around my fingers. My color was paler than usual. My nose was red around where I'd been wearing my shades through my workout. The dense meat of my arms trembling with all the work I'd put in and the pain echoing through m
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 44 22
How To Girl TG Shortie

How To Girl

Bradley reached up to the top shelf in the bookstore and picked up a book titled How to Girl. 
He frowned a sec, especially at seeing his name floating near the title but opened the cover. 
Flip flip. 
His nails, once gnawed nubs bloomed into white, pokey claws good for scratching an itch on his head. A rush of amused adrenal drew a grin to his face as he honestly couldn't remember what he had been reading but enjoyed the results. 
Flip flip. 
The hair he scratched dropped past his shoulders. 
Flip flip. 
It got longer and longer until it was a little too much. 
Flut flut. 
He used his fancy nails to turn back till it was just over his shoulders and stopped there. Turning between a set of pages gave him style and color. Inspecting a lock, he saw it was perfectly golden with a hint of orange. He set a mental bookmark before moving to the next section.&
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 46 8
Returns TG: Chapter 1 - Caramel


Chapter 1 - Caramel
An afternoon gale rattled the shrubs in front of Sunrock Library. Dust devils swirled where the fringe of green gave way to the hard, tan powder of the desert floor. Spidery, prickly trees wandered the next ridge, where a cement riverbed carried the runoff of the mountains to the millions to the south.
Drivers spurted through the block-and-a-half of Sunrock's downtown, ignoring the two-story Grange, the farm surplus, and the town's first burger joint, on their way to Las Vegas. The artery demanded only one-way pumping for frantic escape to the half-paved library side street.
For all the dim, distant roars and squeals, the slim parking lot may have rested upon another world. One car appeared first before it opened at nine and one was left at closing in the evening. Inside, past a black-tinted set of doors, sat a small, over-stacked gray cart with weathered, musty hardcovers for a buck-fifty and feathered, cr
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 14 11
Ice TG

Randall panted on the street corner and fanned the tail of his suit, hoping to draw in some cool air to his body. There was none. 
The air was hot, the street burned against his black shoes, the buildings seemed to breathe exhaust on him, and the sun twice-baked him in his own sweat. He had run through several tall liter bottles of water, devoured an ice cream at lunch, chewed on ice chips, and blasted the car AC to the limit. Nothing had helped. It was the hottest day of the year and then some.
He splashed away streams of sweat clinging to his head. There has to be some place cool around here, he struggled, like the depths of a freezer. But each refuge still felt like he was toasting from within. He didn't feel sick though, just stuffy. Made sense with his clothes, but the office dress code was painfully formal. He waved his tie against his face but felt nothing.
He thought that he might take a long lunch, hurry home, and hop in the shower or camp in fro
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Terry Bogard Alt Costume Fio SNK Heroines TG by majorkerina Terry Bogard Alt Costume Fio SNK Heroines TG :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 148 7 Inked Terry Bogard SNK Heroine Free Use For All by majorkerina Inked Terry Bogard SNK Heroine Free Use For All :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 43 1
Reading Reflections TG
Reading Reflections

Calvin Walker had tried stuffing a pillow over his head, literal ear plugs, and headphones pumping as many piano pieces as possible to drown out the audio water torture that was his invalid father, Reynold. 
He used his mind to imagine the words changed, no more than the cooing of a bird through the window. That just wasn't possible.
"I'm hurting badly! My feet hurt badly!" The words just did not translate into anything so pleasant. 
Each cry though, he came or he answered. And each time he looked his father, with his wandering gaze, trapped in a bed with a voice that still his own but a mind which fought to understand. When he was there, Reynold couldn't tell him what was wrong. No aid or comfort soothed his pain. He couldn't help but wonder if his father's mangled mind found alarm in the oscillating fan brushing the hairs on his arm. But while an infant might learn and realize this wasn't a danger, the regression slipped that hold each time and h
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Terry Bogard Fatal Cutie SNK Heroines TG by majorkerina Terry Bogard Fatal Cutie SNK Heroines TG :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 215 14 Princess Abby by majorkerina Princess Abby :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 16 7

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Food twister. Clever idea. I love how you use contrasting shapes (sharp and rounded) in your drawings to exaggerated effect. Now, I mus...

Right off, there's a bit of clashing tense which I see but I'll try to ignore it. @_@ That was...horny?...something like that. LOL. Nau...

...uh scare me. *tickles* But I'll read on...figured the ending was coming. Not a whole lot to say. I can see how this ...


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Sooo, about four years ago I worked on an idea of a half dozen stories that took place in a realm of dream worlds. I wrote the first but I went up my own ass with the level of assonance and consonance. It wasn't fun in retrospect.

A collaborator/friend who helped me not go completely off the rails the first time provided me with some ideas and a dream. 

Firstly, in writing Emma Mary Baxter for A Normal Girl (forthcoming at 137,000 words done) and exploring new styles of writing dreams, I have come up with a method I really like. The old method was a kinda lyrical fever dream where it is fancy and trippy and hard to get like a music video with a faint narrative. The new method is kinda what might be called "Deal With It" as in it just starts with its own internal logic. Ribbon-wrapped balls of cat hair are our form of currency now, deal with it. And the characters roll with and miss the incongruities. The original idea was trying too hard.

A Normal Girl is easily my most grounded approach to writing but also the most imaginatively fluid, the main character, while not totally a self-insert, really thinks like I do and that has been illuminating on the process of writing. It is also one of my oldest story concepts. But back to the dream and the point.


I don't remember the original story too well but my takeaway was Risa was a wandering ronin who harvested key memories to sell to back alley dealers in the dreamer hubworld of Sanghat, a cyberpunk-style melting-pot realm of ideas.

Worlds of Dreams: A Tale of Risa and Bento

As you may recall, the story was told backwards. Risa and Bento were the latest installment in the narrative where the Dreamscape is the deepest and most functional for humanity. The Golden Age of dreaming, the Quiet Days even as Gods within the realms try to hold onto control, like the moon god at the climax. I wanted to expand on that as the end of the story told first. 

To reshape reality and to cull an existential threat, every human who has ever lived is dreaming - For all those curious this was basically the explanation of what was going on. The moon god even stated this at the conclusion. There are over 107 billion dreaming humans. Every human who has ever lived.

Despite the Golden Age, there are those who lead and oppress the worlds, which are otherwise collectively-dreamed by the inhabitants. These people are the Lucids, who know everything in reality is a dream. They wish to live as gods in these worlds and bend them their will with complacent dreamers who don't have the awareness to become Lucid.

I wanted to redo Risa and Bento a bit to earlier suggest their kinship while she uses him as memory storage or like a bento box. I wanted him to be broken into six different people. It would also be clearer that the worlds of dreams are not a simulation like The Matrix but a massive series of worlds created and maintained by subconscious consent. Human minds, assembled in parallel, have literally manufactured worlds via dreams. So, while these are dreams, they are also real. And it is suggested that despite the fact a Lucid can control a serfdom, every single serf has the power to reshape their world.

The Little Assassin: A Tale of Nagisa47

So the second story, which never materialized, involving an assassin who killed nightmares. Nagisa47 on her version of the Internet. She thought she was awake too and just jacked into a video game where she played an assassin. She lived in Sanghat as a guy who liked to play female characters in his games. When his/her "game" of being a nightmare assassin bleeds into "reality" he starts a trek to find the top layer. This was originally was the extent of where I knew things with any certainty. Nagisa would also run into Risa and Bento prior to the events of their story. We are before the peak Golden Age because there are still nightmares to cull from the worlds.

The Cult of No Faces: A Tale of -----

For the third tale, I pondered a cult where Lucids farm minds to craft their kingdoms. This was a serf fueled age inside the worlds where few ruled over the many. The unnamed character, whose name was a spoiler I have somewhere in my notes, becomes a leader of the revolution (and meets Nagisa when she was assassinating something other than nightmares for the Lucid Lords). I had some very vivid imagery for this story of people without faces, like dolls or blank-white figures deluded into believing a single building with rotating rooms is their entire world. It had overtones of an Eraser illusion.

Annefield: A Tale of -----

This one was an anagram in the title and I never got far with it but we pondered what someone literally without imagination would see in the World of Dreams.

The Merchant of Sanghat: A Tale of ----- 

This one would've focused on a merchant in the back alleys of Sanghat who sold all his original memories to start his business who is now attempting to recover and buy back all of them. The would be long ago in the foundational days of Sanghat as a hub world by consent amongst the dreamers when feudal Lucid Lords are gaining power. The networks between worlds are loose and Sanghat is still just little more than an aspiration.

Hypnagogia: A Tale of -----

Then the last two stories (this plus Hypnopomp) were going to be about the formation of the Dreamscape and why it was built, being the oldest in the sequence but the most revelatory regarding the world beyond dreams. That is what came together from the actual dream.

It involved a man who lives in a dream layer and time which is less dour than any that follows, an effemeral but consentual Golden Age. He happens upon a woman who stops him on his way to work and they chat. She says some really weird things like asking about the shapes of palm trees and how he would visualize a box. As we follow her, we find she is actually able to travel to the "Real" world with a drone body.

She is a service technician and makes sure the engines of dream creation are running smoothly. In some ways, it reminded me of the Guild Pilots in Dune plus The Shape of Water. Everyone throughout human history is in a nutrient slurry with their minds used to combat the external threat and create the Dreamscapes as a safeguard.

She has a dream world of her own but her lucidity is medically-suppressed to keep her from becoming a Lucid, which is an emergent phenomena they are also trying to stamp out before it spreads. She may not become power hungry in her subconscious/unconscious but, because she needs to venture out into the grid of dreamers, this alleviates the risk.

There are no windows in the habitat and there are some strange deviations from "our world", such as the fact there used to be no such thing as death. It was invented eons ago by a dreamer and it has led to high levels of deterioration in the hub/habitat because things now decay and dreams go astray with mortal fear leading to nightmares and the desire to wake up or gain control. So the specialists are required to direct people and thoughts. There's just one problem, she is falling in love with her currently-assigned faulty dreamer and he is falling for her, making his rogue ideas about the Dreamscape ever worse.

And that was it. The rest is up to me to figure out, if I so wish.


Happy Zappy For All!
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