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Princess Abby by majorkerina Princess Abby :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 12 4 Be Her - TG Comic by majorkerina Be Her - TG Comic :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 76 4
The Daughter of Humanity - Prologue

~Songs of the Orphans~

I am the child of humanity, the first. I live on the rock of wonders they once called home. My park, my solace, my home now. The sun blooms across my nanoscales, a breath of life. Days fly ever faster, counting each orbit is meaningless.

Instead, I watch a sandy lizard skitter across the dirt. I embrace the angry rainfall. I count the endless stars. I breathe deep, though I need no breath. I stretch out, though all is in order. I raise my violin and again touch my first note.

The sound bleeds soft, harsh, and untrue. Still, I practice and wait, for the day my parents return.
The Daughter of Humanity

12000 AD (give or take a few years)
The Ranger brushes back his hair and hacks into the waste bin. Nothing comes up, though he wishes it did. At least then there'd be relief. The pills at the station did nothing. Mixing aids and
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 3 4
Males Beware Lake - TG Comic by majorkerina Males Beware Lake - TG Comic :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 92 23
Lost and Found TG - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

I was sure of the pause Ava put at the end but I wasn't sure what she meant. She was asking questions about stuff Riley would know, that I had to pretend to know. I did okay on the paper star but only Emily saved me on ice cream. Before, she could've been listening to me and Em talking about forgetting how to play soccer. 
But it was okay. Miss Weaver said no one would suspect I wasn't Riley because this was a great disguise. Although, Ava was pretty smart. I held Riley's hands together on her chest and walked out to the thickest smells of salon.
Riley's mom moved fast around her chair. She only stopped when she saw me. "Oh, honey. I'm so sorry. I really wanted to take you girls over for ice cream but a regular has an interview tomorrow and Mrs. Bickstein burned some hair off with a curler. And oh my gosh. It would be too close to dinner if we waited and this way you get to go together."
I didn't need to pretend to s
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 6 10
Lost and Found TG - Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Riley's mom drove to Pioneer Avenue at the end of the road. The church with buildings like the upper grade classes was on the right. While she waited to turn, she smiled and asked, "How was your day, sweetie?"
I paused, hoping for a second she meant Emily. Happily, EmIly jumped in first. "It was math heavy today, Mrs. Sheridan. But Riley got all the roots by their squares, all the long divisions by their short lines and...really cool adding too!"
I nodded and said, "For reading, me and Em got to read together for a little bit."
Mrs. Sheridan gave a friendly chuckle. "Good work. What did you girls read?"
Emily not only went on about the comic collection but also retold some of her favorites. I kept agreeing with her. 
Pioneer went past the high school and the old grocery store, closed for years. Now, they just sold Christmas trees and pumpkins in the empty lot. 
Riley's mom asked, "Any new projects I should know about?" Emi
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 10 8
Lost and Found TG - Chapter 3

Chapter 3
I never thought about even one girl as a friend before, and now I had a bunch. Well, Riley did. But they were my friends now too and they liked me. 
Girls were different and kinda weird but I never really found them that gross, not like some boys. They seemed okay but they were always into all sorts of stuff I had no interest in. But these girls were differents. For one, they liked rockets. And they didn't care that these socks smelled like pee. And they wanted to help. 
Maybe girls weren't as strange as I thought? Well, except for that front butt. But I had one too. And I didn't feel that different. My chest poked out a little. And I cried but that was okay.
I felt a finger on my hand. Looking over, I saw Ava smiling as she asked, "Penny for your thoughts?" 
Emily gasped and said, "I'll sell mine for a quarter. You'll get your money's worth, promise."
Ava took a deep breath and narrowed her eyes. "I'm afraid
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 10 12
Lost and Found TG - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I spun around. All the doors were closed. And there were no standing places to pee. I felt hot that I had gone in a girl's bathroom and there was someone in it and I was wearing girls clothes. I wanted to hide.
Before I could run out, Miss Weaver opened the far door and walked to the sink. She splashed her face and tickled the bugs in her hair as she said, "Much better."
I moved over to the swinging door and looked at the toilet. It was right by the wall with no other way in. As she dried her hands, I asked, "How did you get in here?"
With a rock of her head, Miss Weaver told me, "I had to go. And now I'm back. That looks good on you. Your costume. Your armor. Your disguise."
I hiked the pants up again with a shrug. "But it's girl clothes."
Miss Weaver shook her head. "Nah, it's Riley Sheridan's clothes."
I kept on, "But it says all over."
Sticking out her tongue, she said, "Clothes are clothes. Someone says 'I have a baseball hat',
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 19 9
Lost and Found TG - Chapter 1

Lost and Found

Chapter 1
"What's the matter, wussie? You too chicken to fight? Afraid you'll get the squirts knocked out of you?"
I coughed and glared at Dirk "the Jerk" Wexler. He loomed over me. I sucked the salty blood off my lip and told him, "I'm not chicken! I don't fight dumb farts."
He flashed his teeth with the worst kind of smile. I was sick of this. Every day this week he had found and gone after me. Before that, I didn't have a single day I could relax since I started third grade. Even when he wasn't around, I was still worried.
"Little birdie goes bawwwwk bawwkk. Not a robin, just a chicken." He looked to the big guys near him. They looked like they could be in fifth grade but I knew they were in Dirk's class. They just stared. 
I took a big breath and made my hands into fists. When Dirk grabbed and elbowed me, there were a few people from my class I was playing four-square with. I couldn't see them anymore. Just
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 38 27
Run to Win TG Sequence by majorkerina Run to Win TG Sequence :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 105 11
Customer Service TG

"Hello, I can help you find something?" I greeted the young woman vibrantly, as I always do for my customers.
She looked around, nervously at first. I noticed her attire. 
She just had a light-red skirt, long black boots and a creamy-white top that barely covered her bra and immense cleavage. It was a wonder she wasn't freezing to death in here.  
Perhaps this was the long-fabled "truck hooker" everyone talked about? A girl going from trailer to trailer outside, knocking on doors and looking for a lonely hookup. But never mind store stories, to me this was a customer possibly lost and in need of assistance! 
"Uhh, I dunno. Could you can help me? You mind?" It was a strangely-phrased question from her ruby lips. Looking at her in the face, she was quite pretty. I admired her long tresses of auburn-tinted brown hair that curled past her slim shoulders and watched her beautiful hazel eyes.
"I'm here to help and
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 55 13
Sister Holiday TG

The night before Chris...
No no, if I did it like that then everything would have to rhyme with a certain meter and feeling. And it would be forever dated to a small period of time.
Fuck it. Just write it. 
It's so tough though, to take everything I feel and dash it into words. Smiting the hundred, thousands, and millions of possible words I could say and putting all my thought and heart and soul into a single set. 
It was the day before Christmas and I'd gone crazy. Not from the season, the stores, or the preparation. My only seasonal buying was an anonymous gift on the internet to a person I'd never met and what I got in return was a plain blanket. All I'd asked for. The stores were a storm to be weathered for the essentials I needed. And festive decorations were the bright lights outside my door on other houses.
I was alone and it felt fine. 
So many years of my life had been spent as a nursemaid for one parent then the other. They
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 34 8
Mature content
You Are A Liberated Woman TG :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 60 16
Summer Camp TG

As is so often the case for prey, I ran and hid from my voracious predators.  What I ever did to them was as beyond me as surely as it was to them.
Today especially, they just never stopped chasing me! Into the brush, far into the sticks, long past the woods. If I didn't know any better, I would have swore they were chasing down some poor dog to beat and tussle with over a damn bone.
At some point, the woods ended and I found myself at a clearing with a small lake in the dead center of it.
'Shit, nowhere to run,' I thought. 'Maybe I can hide in the water for a minute and they will run towards something else and I can escape.'
I wished I had the power to stop these guys from chasing me. I wanted the authority to drag them out of the camp and have them leave me alone.  Sadly, that wasn't the case.  I dove right in and hid near a small pier in the hopes they wouldn't see me and keep chasing where they thought I was.
"That lit
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 27 10
Hold or Fold TG - A Look Back SPOILERS

Unused character art.
This took a lot of careful effort to get it where I wanted. I wrote my first words in early September as simply, "hey, I wanna write and finish a thing and I want it to be fun." The opening dialogue was actually jotted out without a clear idea of the rules or what I would do with it. 
The rule that Anna set out for me was that I needed to focus on having fun and it needed to be concise. One of those held true.
While I wrote, she worked on the lovely comic you need to check out, which basically illustrated the original plot. Two guys have a drunken bet with real, zappy complications. The original end had Greg transform while still at the bar. With a sigh, Babs takes it in stride and says what became the final line. 
So what we had originally was a single setting tale with some flashbacks to pad it out. But I was intrigued by the
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 3 5
Hold or Fold TG - Finale

Finale - Terminus

It was for the best, I told myself. I had vivid memories of her existential terror till she blocked the video from her thoughts and found excuses. She wouldn't have believed my word alone anyway.
Sitting there, I was gripped by a sudden, overriding thought. How did I know I was who I was? Babs thought she knew. Poof. I could wake up from bed tomorrow to find I actually was Lina, she was me, and there was no Blizzcon or extra Lina. Absurdly reaching but I didn't know anything for certain. I just had silly hopes.
No. I had more. There was another Lina out there, one returning home from California. I hurt her, really hurt her, because I was afraid. I had no idea if she would forgive me or find the same joys at work and in life as her twin. Greg could tell her though! Greg could share the possibilities at her feet. And maybe leave out some parts of this day....
Oh well, our friendship had been through plenty. Just one mor
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 14 17

Random Favourites


Food twister. Clever idea. I love how you use contrasting shapes (sharp and rounded) in your drawings to exaggerated effect. Now, I mus...

Right off, there's a bit of clashing tense which I see but I'll try to ignore it. @_@ That was...horny?...something like that. LOL. Nau...

...uh scare me. *tickles* But I'll read on...figured the ending was coming. Not a whole lot to say. I can see how this ...


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I was considering a site that exists separate where fun little reviews by friends, a feature for my book, links to here and all other social media can be integrated into a low memory site without ads. Actually my idea is to make a tab and say all the ads are in this. And you can go and the only ads on the site will be right there and nothing else so if you wanna get the ads experience then it doesn't intrude on anything else. Dunno if it could be supported that way but I would try to support it other ways. 

So, my questions then are...
- Who is a good site host?
- What is a solid template for a website that can be edited easily and doesn't look like hotmail garbage?


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