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MDU Origins Issue 2



So who IS this "Major Deej" that the Major Deej Universe is based on?
What makes this hero so special?
What drove him to don the cover's red and gold costume instead of just being a 'normal' everyday hero, like a fireman or a policeman?
Is there a good chance our hero will DIE before the final frame of this issue?
These, and other interesting questions, will be answered ONLY if you pick this issue and read it from front to back!

Think about may be one of those people who can truly say, 'yep, I remember when I FIRST read about Major Deej back when no one even knew he existed'!  Bragging rights are right in front of you!!

Come on over, click on either one of the READ NOW buttons (pending your website preference) and join us in the page-turning discovery of the extraordinary Major Deej!!

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