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Long Live the King of the Damned



Been called a monster,
Called a demon,
Called a fake.
I'm not an idol,
Not an angel,
Not a saint.
I walk alone,
I always have,
I'm not ashamed.
A living nightmare,
From the Cradle
To the Grave.

- Five Finger Death Punch - Cradle to the Grave.

I'm working on a story for this, and it's following up the previous one. I just wanted to post the picture and be done with that part.

And now, to explain the picture.

In Hell, there be monsters. In order to beat those monsters, you may just have to become a monster yourself. Stormbow also plays a far greater roll in keeping the universe from being desecrated than one might expect...

Here, Stormbow has trained Rainbow to tap deep within the traits of the vampiric, where the more she subjugated an enemy, the more strength she would gain from them temporarily. The effect causes her to physically become stronger too, but it will slowly wear down again until she's at her 'regular super state level'. Without this technique, Rainbow would not have been able to tap into her own dark rage and beat Tyrantia shitless using her overwhelming power. Rainbow is still trying to figure out how to keep small portions of it permanently. Still nothing compared to Stormbow's ability to siphon, and Stormbow is also a shapeshifter. In fact, Stormbow always starts to beat back her opponents while small, and as they lose strength from energy loss, the foe either gets smaller or Stormbow gets bigger. Usually, it's just the latter. However, Stormbow doesn't actually gain anything out of it. She's just using her own power to obliterate them, while being a bit of a showoff at the same time. After a time, Stormbow will gradually return to a more normalized state and thin out.

Here Stormbow is, having bitten into the defeated Tyrantia and slowly rolling her poisonous blood around her tongue, about to lay out the punch to knock Ragelight out cold in preparation for her punishment.

Yes, Stormbow is a female, and is the KING of Hell, not a queen. Why?

1.    She personally feels King is better suited to her name, even though she doesn't need, or even want the formalities when being addressed.
2.    She is very beast-like in looks
3.    I like to dill perfectionists pickles.
       I'm looking at you people who simply insist or demand either she be a guy or she be queen. You won't get your wish. Don't bother trying.

Stormbow's permanent changes which will occur on future pictures:
  • Muzzle length slightly increased, width broadened. More Lion King like.
  • Length of mane and tail greatly increased.
  • Now has "leg tails". 
    • These are NOT the same as the fuzz above the hooves going all around the lower half of the leg! These are entirely different.
    • Check the big blue bushels of hair just behind her calves/hooves.
  • Far larger wings
  • Smaller eyes and sockets
  • Eyes constantly glow
  • Pupils are permanently tiny
  • Hide alternates and rapidly melts between two colors, sky blue and a pure greyscale version of it. Subtle, but helps give a definitive "true color" or "two-faced" effect.
Things like bulk, size and muscle mass are still adjustable and not permanently fixed, including form. Can shape shift at any time. Anything about her can change, but the list above are things that will be usually seen first and foremost which is a bit different from vanilla.

Super Rainbow Dash concept by :iconsuper-rainbow-dash-z:
Art by DaGodDamnBatGuy
Stormbow Slash, Ragelight Sparkfire, and Tyrantia concepts made by me.
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Why does Stormbow train Rainbow Dash?