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My Bio
I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon. My grandmother is a painter, my mother is a painter and still life artist, and I am a lover of cartoons. I may not be completely walking in the footsteps that have been put down in front of me, but I'm doing what I love. I really couldn't be happier.

Ever since I was young I wanted to work for Disney. It was my big dream to make films or cartoons for the generations to come. I may not be working for Disney, but I'm working hard to get better so that I can get out there and be recognized for my talents.

Throughout my middle and high school days I was always in an art class. They were the only classes I put my full attention into and had top marks in.

In 2008, in my last year of high school I won two awards. The first contest I entered, I won first place out of about 30 other participants from 3 schools, getting me a scholarship to the local college (I never used it though). The second contest (a week later) I won Artist of The Year, sold my piece so that it could be put in the Hall of Fame, and I had my name put on an plaque in the Hall of Fame. It was the biggest moment of my life so far.

Later on, I became a part-time anime teacher for a family friend's kid. It was a great experience for me because when I was in high school I really wanted to become an art teacher for high school kids. I actually, wouldn't mind doing it again, but I don't really know anyone since I moved.

I have a few big projects that I really want to get going on. Those would be Jerimia's World, The Wesley and Scott Show, Bush Buddies, and Smiths of War.

I'm not taking any commissions at the moment since I have a lot on my plate already

Favourite Visual Artist
oooo I would DEFINITELY have to say Vincent van Gogh
Favourite Movies
Mostly Disney movies but the older ones (I hate most of what they bring out nowadays. What happened to painted by hand sceneries and backgrounds? I loved that!)
Favourite TV Shows
Doctor Who, Sword Art Online, Game of Thrones, V, Falliing Skies, and many other anime
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Radwimp, Stereopony, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, One OK Rock, FF5 (Family Force 5), Red, Imagine Dragons, alot of old 30's-50's music, alot of country music, The Trashmen, Daft Punk, The Beatles
Favourite Books
The Harry Potter Series is one of my favourites, there are others but I can't remember them :P
Favourite Games
Star Wars- The Old Republic is my all-time favourite
Other Interests
I love singing (even though I'm pretty sure I'm not good at it), sculpting, cartoons, anime, interior/exterior design, fashion, and sewing

Entry #19

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Okay soooo, my laptop bit the dust while I was playing SWTOR about a week ago.. Everything on that laptop is now gone. I'm talkin about aaaaaaalll the drawings I've done that I never uploaded to DA :'( My boyfriend bought me a new computer with great graphics and lots of storage and I really like it. But it seriously HATES SWTOR WITH A BURNING PASSION. I just don't know what to do... I had to download the game again, and before I've never had any problems until I got this laptop.. You know when it starts loading everything and it'll let you play characters on beginning planets, after a certain percentage? Well, I did that to pass some time.
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So I wanted to practice animating before I started any episodes of Jerimia's World, and of course I write a script for a 5-10 minute long video. So much for practicing... BUT it's gonna be an epic Pokemon Parody called "Digital Mom Problems". I got a lot of work ahead of me but it's gonna be a fun experience for sure :) I'll keep you guys posted for the final upload. It will be shown on my Youtube channel and Newgrounds page under the name ScreamingLadybug.
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The animation is finally done and will be fully viewable on Youtube in about... 3 minutes!!! If you'd like to view it here's the link to my channel: Screaming Ladybug Youtube Channel Hope you guys like it :)
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Hey are you the same guy who has the profile on StipGenerator called JerimiasWorld?
Sweet! I was looking at your artwork and I really liked one call "Anime Boy" I was wondering if I could use it for a project, I'd give credit of course :)
If you are okay with that there's something else I could really use your help with
Thanks again!
Sure, I don't mind don't mind if you use it. Thanks for asking.
And I'd love to help you. PM me with the details
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Draw more Alyssa, I miss all the updates. <3
hahaha actually, I'm trying to figure out how to live stream right now :P