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Fallout: Equestria ~ Prologue Page 8 - 9

I was ruminating over the littePip page spread I made the other week and having looked at it for many hours on end I realized that I didn't like it.
Nope! Don't like it.
I have heard your cries of meh! And I agree! I agreed with a double pager spread! BAM!
Hell yeah, come n it's the savior f the wasteland we're talkin' abut here. I say she deserved at east twice as much respect as she did the last time I stumbled my way through that last page. As you can a see I kept a bit of the blues but made it a desaturated one. More of a dusty blue/grey. The last color scheme really was too much tho I did keep the jacket palette the same

So as I finish the next few pages enjoy this thing!

This 'lil darlin' originally brought to you by Kkat!

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