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Fallout: Equestria ~ Prologue Page 7

I don't know what to think of this one anymore. I redrew it four or five times and now I don't even know. I like it? I think.
Anyhow. I can't obsess over small details like this, in order to continue at a decent pace I have to move on.
I have to make the page conceptually interesting and keep a tight visual flow. Right? RIGHT?!
Tell me Littlepip! What would you do?! WWLPD.

Don't forget Kkat! Where you at?!

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I like the art in this!
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Your style is porobably more crisp and refreshing than a Stable 2 Apple. I love the technological details you include. Great work!
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You are doing a good job with these, MajorBrons. The best of any yet who have attempted such a task, I must say! I just hope you can make it to the end!
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me too dude. me too.
Dude, that is a beautiful juxtaposition of images.
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Thanks brohiem!
No prob, brosephus.
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It looks perfectly fine to me. High quality material with no break in the flow I'm seeing here.
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Thanks Dude! yeah, I don't think it's too bad, I've just seen this page for too long. I had to finish and move on.
to quote a great man

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