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Fallout: Equestria ~ Prologue Page 4

Ah. What's this?
What's This? There's ponies every where.
What's this? Every Pipbuck, no one cares.

What's this?
I can't believe my eyes, All these ponies must be dreaming.
Wake up Pip, this isn't fair!
What's this?

All prippity props to Kkat!

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Holy shit. This is awesome
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2 things.

1) i immediately caught the Nightmare before Christmas "What's This" song [Ponified] in the description. lol, it made me smile even more than i alredy was.

2) the 1st panel reminds me of that recurring scene on Code Lyoko, u kno, the one right outside the class room. i cant find a picture, but there's a boy and a girl at a locker out side the classroom, and they're posed jus like the ponies in the first panel.
MajorBrons's avatar
1) You're welcome!
2) I know which show you speak of, but I never got into that show. I would say that I was probably too old for that show when it came out, but then again, I love ponies, so, uh
    Who knows?! but thanks anyway dude-man.
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Message from Kkat:

I am deeply honored and highly impressed. This comic project has been wonderful so far. I hope you continue it.

:iconrarityclapplz: :iconapplejackclapplz:
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wow. Thank you! It's my pleasure really!
Your story really is so wonderfully written, I just hope that my skills improve as I try and continue.
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I am definitely keeping an eye or two on this :D
i-cant-art's avatar
man, you are like, so close to the end now. prolly, what, 3, 4 pages left?

also are you drawing out names and splitting the story chaps into manga chaps before starting the next page? would make things easier.
be like Muto Ashirogi.
MajorBrons's avatar
4 pages left fer the prelergue.

and also, what?
what's a Muto Ashirogi?
i-cant-art's avatar
*sigh* that was a test of sorts.
obviously you did not watch any of bakuman yet, as you would have picked up on what i wuz sayin' n' shit.

gam garsht.
MajorBrons's avatar
Nope! I am watching it actually and I don't know no Muto.
All I know is Nizuma is an annoying shit probably a high functioning sociopath, aspergers maybe.
i-cant-art's avatar
good. you'll get all that eventually then. And don't you bad mouth Niizuma. He is awesome.
Continue on.
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Pleeease, do more of them. :D
There are so well drawn. ^^
MajorBrons's avatar
Oh don't fret none, my little one, I am currently working on the next three pages right as we speak..
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Really time comic. And a nightmare before Christmas reference for a bonus. Yay.
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Pipbuck more like Pipbutt
This whole thing is just so fantastic and classy. It brings me back to my early teen years reading so many comic books.

Keep going or not, you deserve all the high-fives.
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I caught the referrence [link]
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That you did good sir, that you did. It just popped up.
don't know why...Wesley.
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Your art is very beautiful, well thought out and detailed where/when it needs to be. (And it seems like your having fun!)
MajorBrons's avatar
Thanks bro! and you would be correct in that assumption. I have the whole introduction already planned out in my head, and a little bit into chapter 1, so I'm just trying to keep up with myself and get it all down.
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