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Fallout: Equestria - Introduction

Here's the introduction, because I think a whole two people asked me about it. So I created one.
Though the idea of this page has been kicking around the ol' brainpan for a few weeks now I only just now had the motivation to go back all the way back to the beginning and complete it. Simple and explode-y. The only way I live my life!

Story by Kkat. Fallout by Bethesda. My Little Pony by Hasbro.

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Sound effect:

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At first I thought it was a tree, but then I saw it was an explosion. Excellent! :)
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I imagined Ron Perlman reading this :>
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also from fallout 1 or 2 in the first part of what u written.
rly. not original at all....
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I know. I didn't write any of it.
It's my graphic novel adaption of a fanfic written by a very talented writer named Kkat.
I really liked the story so I'm drawing it
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still. not very original. u can tell that to whoever written it.
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Obviously I cannot distinguish the tone or intent of your comments without the inflection of your voice or your facial expressions, but what you've said is coming off as being very rude indeed.

There's enough rudeness in this world friend. Let's not be nasty.
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its not being rude saying the truth. just copying is NOT art in my eyes.

also i´m NOT ur friend. -.-
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my goodness, such negativity.

I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree....friend. ;D
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shut up. i aint ur friend. -.- sheeeeesh
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Am I your friend? :la:
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That's enough cheeky-ness out of you now :iconi-cant-art:. What Mr. Stylz says and thinks shall remain his alone. Perhaps if he gives the novel a more thorough read he might quite enjoy the story. After all he's not completely wrong, a tad blunt? perhaps.
Yet still everything we make is derivative of something else is it not?
Every story we weave, every song we sing reaches back into the past and spins it for a new age to feel again. Fanfic especially is entrenched in it's own incestuous soup, it's derivative by it's very nature only existing because it's genesis came before it.

Wow, I'm prose-y today.
Anyway. Go Bruins.
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mr. stylz? (i´m a woman)
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Fine, i'll stop. But i was just trying to be friendly. Why there was hardly any snark in my previous comments at all...
boy this sounds sarcastic. or is it just me? I swear it wasn't though.
As the great Dave Foley said in that one kids in the hall sketch (you know the one);
I really want to be your friend.
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No thanks, I respect the author and I enjoyed the book. If it bothers you that much you can tell her yourself.
How's your Sonic comic comin' along?
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parts of it token from fallout 3 intro with only a few changed words eh? -.- not original!
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"Simple and explode-y" sounds like the Pyro if you ask me.
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:la: this is my pre-explode face
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I love that show. Sokka tripping (twice)! Hilarious!
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Stark, simple, and the text is shortened. But you managed to pare down a wall of text into something manageable without cutting out the important details with some simple but iconic imagery. I like it.
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Actually those ARE all the words. I just copy/pasted the whole introduction into MS and made it what it is. It's lucky for me that Kkat decided to keep the intro so short and to the point. I really like the intro actually.
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