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[Lego Bionicle] Gali's Kaukau mask |COMMISSION WIP by MajorasMasks [Lego Bionicle] Gali's Kaukau mask |COMMISSION WIP :iconmajorasmasks:MajorasMasks 6 3 [original][photography] Tribute to my Mother by MajorasMasks [original][photography] Tribute to my Mother :iconmajorasmasks:MajorasMasks 11 6 [One Piece] TIDES (AT fanfic, spoilers up to Wa) by MajorasMasks
Mature content
[One Piece] TIDES (AT fanfic, spoilers up to Wa) :iconmajorasmasks:MajorasMasks 4 8
[original] #triggerwarning
spring is here
delicate snowflakes melt
:iconmajorasmasks:MajorasMasks 5 3
[photography] Midnight Sunshine by MajorasMasks [photography] Midnight Sunshine :iconmajorasmasks:MajorasMasks 21 13
[original] Promise
I've crafted wor[l]ds. Next? Painting adventures!
:iconmajorasmasks:MajorasMasks 5 0
[Legend of Zelda] Bacchus x Cloud | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks [Legend of Zelda] Bacchus x Cloud | COMMISSION :iconmajorasmasks:MajorasMasks 12 3
[One Piece] There for Him, a Straw Hat Pirates fic
He was on the ground, panting—almost wheezing, out of breath and battered. Blood covered his body, clothes, everything. And yet, he stood up again. He could only see through one eye, the other closed and swollen. His hair was disheveled and his limbs were trembling, but his gaze was still unwavering.
He would keep fighting. He would do it for him, too. He wouldn’t be able to give him back his treasure, but he would prove to him that he was a worthy pirate now: a pirate deserving to wear the straw hat once belonged to Shanks the Sea Emperor—and to the Pirate King before him.
Monkey D. Luffy turned to face his enemy again: Blackbeard, the man who had killed Shanks and who was after the Pirate King title just like him.
“Luffy, are you ok?”
The worried tone of Nami’s voice pulled Luffy back from his dream... No, not a dream. More like a vision—a terrible one—about his own future. After his fight against Katakuri of the Big Mom Pirates,
:iconmajorasmasks:MajorasMasks 5 7
[One Piece] Zoro and Luffy one shot
The Straw Hat Pirates had landed on an uncharted island in the New World. Not far from the rocky seaside they could see a waterfall, a forsaken village next to it, and a tall mountain—or maybe a volcano?—standing at the very center of the otherwise hilly landscape.
The island looked uninhabited, so most of them decided to disembark and take a better look around.
Nami was the first one to jump on the beach, forcing Usopp to follow her as her body guard. But that was just an excuse, since she actually needed someone who would carry a heavy-looking bag full of the instruments the navigator used to draw maps and check the meteorology of the places they visited.
Sanji had gotten jealous of Usopp and had tried to take his place of course, but Nami had ignored him while dragging the sharpshooter after her.
Whatever Nami was planning to do it would take hours to complete, so Zoro decided to go and take a walk too.
Luffy had immediately followed him, exclaiming, “So you won
:iconmajorasmasks:MajorasMasks 10 5
[Darkstalkers] Huitzil + Cecil MP p. | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks [Darkstalkers] Huitzil + Cecil MP p. | COMMISSION :iconmajorasmasks:MajorasMasks 49 6 [Darkstalkers] Huitzil + Cecil LP p. | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks [Darkstalkers] Huitzil + Cecil LP p. | COMMISSION :iconmajorasmasks:MajorasMasks 52 9 Zoro and Luffy's Adventure (OP - Zelda crossover) by MajorasMasks Zoro and Luffy's Adventure (OP - Zelda crossover) :iconmajorasmasks:MajorasMasks 60 16
Silent Act (One Piece, Rocinante poem)
Exiled from the sky where fake gods reside,
I played the part of the quiet, smaller child.
With my elder brother I struggled to survive:
we hid from people, nearly starved to death,
and when mother died I silently wept.
Then two years later my silence broke:
I also lost father, killed by my own blood.
I screamed in despair and then ran away,
was found by a man to whom I'm indebted.
I became a marine, as a pirate disguised,
to my brother I returned, there were wine ‘n smiles.
I was welcomed back, no questions were asked,
and in the spider's nest I acted quietly,
whilst my brother's shadow becoming
to stop the madness of my own blood
—because I too was a fallen dragoon,
but my own feathers were made of ash
instead of brother's glossy pink glass.
For a while I observed my brother's life:
he had a new family he seemed to like
and that made me recall that forgotten time
when we were a family albeit living in grime.
However back then I missed to see
what'd really ha
:iconmajorasmasks:MajorasMasks 5 20
Mature content
[One Piece] Donquixote Brothers vignette :iconmajorasmasks:MajorasMasks 7 24
Only Human (Death Note fanfic cover) by MajorasMasks Only Human (Death Note fanfic cover) :iconmajorasmasks:MajorasMasks 20 7 Only Human part 3 (Death Note fanfic) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
Mature content
Only Human part 3 (Death Note fanfic) | COMMISSION :iconmajorasmasks:MajorasMasks 10 0
Coming soon: more commissioned masks

Collaboration commissions are open!

I and The-Replicant accept commissions both individually and in collaboration. Examples of our past collabs:

The Heart Locker (One Piece fanart) |COLLABORATION by MajorasMasks Corazon (One Piece fanart) | COLLABORATION by MajorasMasks Splatoon Makeup! (Corazon + Law from OP) | COLLAB by MajorasMasks
More here:…

What would you like me to draw more? (second round) 

24 deviants said Zelda fanarts
14 deviants said One Piece fanarts
7 deviants said Naruto fanarts
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Illustrations commissions (new prices + discounts)

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 4, 2010, 2:25 PM

NEWS (August 2018)

I finally found the time reorganize all the info about my illustrations commissions, both traditional and digital; I'm also officially opening basic animations commissions (only for digital art). Please scroll down the journal to read about the new fees and info!  ^^
Furthermore, please remember that I'm still offering a discount on digital One Piece fanarts (fan-characters and crossovers included). Here you are some examples (for more please check the OP folder in my gallery):

Wanted - Strong World Sanji (One Piece fanart) by MajorasMasks Exchanging Gifts (Keimi x Kidd from One Piece) by MajorasMasks Underwater Adventures (mer!AU One Piece fanart) by MajorasMasks Yearning for the Sky (mer!AU Doflamingo fanart) by MajorasMasks Wings of Freedom (harpy!Corazon from One Piece) by MajorasMasks [One Piece] Usopp - Impact Wolf by MajorasMasks Alolan Ninetales raising the ASL trio (OP x PKMN) by MajorasMasks

Available slots
Felicity+Johanna+Temperance [OP FCs] | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks


Here you are my The-Replicant's Whitebeard sculpture + Ace illustration combo (it's for sale, please send either of us a note if interested):
Was I a Good Father? (One Piece collab) | FOR SALE by MajorasMasks
Was I a Good Father? (Ace illustration) | FOR SALE by MajorasMasks

Literature commissions

- Fixed fee (to be paid up front): 5 EUR (general plot and characters study, draft/outline, research);
- Variable fee (to be paid before the final work is sent): 6 EUR / 1000 words (fiction) | 3 EUR / 1000 words (non-fiction);
- Optional fees (to be paid before the final work is sent): 5 EUR per each lyric/poem/poetry (max 500 words each) | 1 EUR / 1000 words for an extra beta-reading by a collaborator of mine;
- Translations: (Italian -> English | English -> Italian): 4 EUR / 1000 words (fiction) | 2 EUR / 1000 words (non-fiction);
- Editing and beta-reading (for both literature and comics, fixed fee not needed): 1 EUR / 1000 words.

Examples of my writing (more here):
Death Note anime analysis
Death Note – analysis of the animated series
The lack of values, the pressure of the society on the Japanese youth, the searching for the real justice, the boredom, the necessity to find a purpose for our own existence… if I would like to sum Death Note up in few words, I would write that it contains all these themes and expresses them in a really original way.
But this awesome animated adaptation of Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba's manga (the second name is a pseudonymous of the story writer, who wishes to remain anonymous) deserves a deeper analysis for sure.
Death Note manages to convey values without being banal; it manages to make you laugh, cry, arrive to the point of throwing the first object one can pose their hands on to the screen for the anger (or so it was for me).
This analysis contains heavy spoilers so I advice you to only read it if you've already completed the vision of the anime, and it contains my personal interpretation of some elements of the serie

Mature Content

The Equated Captives (Pokemon fanfic) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
Feathered Dragon (One Piece, Doflamingo poem)Born among dragons
to suffer amid men
which were the odds
of surviving back then?
You never showed tears
concealed behind shades
yet you wept on that day
under their vengeful stares.
A helpless, frail body
you were but a child—
maybe nasty, misguided
but still an innocent life.
Yet they harmed and mocked—
their frustration and sadness
and pent-up hate for your kind
all misdirected at you—Why?
Why living like them, if people
are all the same? Why giving up
on power, if they harm and slay
and abuse as well? Why, Father?
Your Brother was weak—or so
you believed—he didn't protest
but accepted everything, while
a voice in you cried, "FIGHT BACK!"
A proud, strong will to always abide
a force within you to rise 'n shine
above all those fools who did dare
to make YOU shake and cry in pain.
"I won't die," you screamed, "whatever you do,
"I will survive and find the very last one of you!"

And then you would kill them, they d

Mature Content

love:duality - 1st side (Pkmn fanfic) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
Alternate Note - Prologue | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks

Mature Content

Only Human part 1 (Death Note fanfic) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks

I worked as a freelance editor so I have a professional experience of around ten years, and I'm willing to write pretty much anything: from original stories to fanfics, from prose to poetry (lyrics included), and I can write non-fiction articles (news, essays, analysis, reviews), too. I can write in English and Italian, and I can make translations from and to both languages.
Please notice that fiction commissions will always include a thorough, preliminary discussions about plot, screenplay, characters, themes, writing style and so on. I can also create completely new characters, suggest alternate solutions for the development of a story, and everything else that could be needed: I won't "just" write a story, but help building it from scratch is necessary.

Important note: I will always publish at last a sample of every literature commissions I make in my gallery; if the client allows me to post the whole commission, I will also include a preview image with a logo and a simple drawing for free, and the client will automatically have the right to post the commission with the same preview image in their gallery, too (proper credit and linking back will be required though).

Illustrations commissions

- Sketch fee: 5 EUR (only needed if you want a specific pose/background);
- Character/inking fees: 5 EUR (head shot) / 8 EUR (half body) / 10 EUR (full body);
- Background fees: 10 EUR (simple background) / 20 EUR (medium-complex background) / 30 EUR (complex background).
- Colouring fees: 5 EUR (flat colours with gradient and/or pattern) / 10 EUR (cell or soft shading) / 20 EUR (traditional media).

Additional notes:
- I can add simple animations to digital commissions (in this case please double the base fees listed above);
- for (traditional) bookmarks, icons, and similar stuff prices are lower, and I offer some extra options for characters references/model sheets (please ask me by note if interested);
- All my commissions will have clean inking/lineart unless you specifically ask for a sketchy one or for partial inking/no inking at all (for traditional commissions the inking will be more sketchy by default, but I can make clean traditional inking too if specifically asked);
- I'm willing to draw anything but gore/porn/hentai, but I can draw "regular" violence, yaoi/yuri and soft eroticism;
- For digital illustrations, I will send a high resolution (300dpi), printable file of the pic;
- For traditional art, I'll send a high resolution scan (300dpi), printable file of the pic (or a high quality, properly cropped photo if the illustration doesn't fit my scan), and I'm also willing to ship traditional illustrations to my commissioners (please ask me about shipping costs, they vary a lot depending on country of destination);
- I can use many media (markers, coloured pencils, watercolours, tempers, oils, etc.) on many different types of paper and other surfaces (glass, wood, copper, canvas and other, some may require an additional fee);
- I don't use fixed format or sizes, and you can ask pretty much anything but I like to retain a bit of artistic freedom (especially for commissions of traditional illustrations);
- I'll always post a smaller, watermarked copy of a commissioned illustration in my DA gallery (and eventually on my other blogs/socials).

Sketches examples:
8 [OC] (sketches) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks Original mask (sketches) |  COMMISSION by MajorasMasks John the mouse robot [OC] (sketches) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks Custom Kakashi ANBU mask alternate v. | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks [Legend of Zelda] Bacchus x Cloud (sketch) | COMM. by MajorasMasks [One Piece] Treasured Heart - sketch by MajorasMasks:new:

Inking examples:
alligator+otter or. sp. linearts | POINTS REQUEST by MajorasMasks

Mature Content

female and male bases linearts | POINTS REQUEST by MajorasMasks
Mehndi design | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks [One Piece] Clumsy Marine - lineart by MajorasMasks [One Piece] Shambles - lineart by MajorasMasks [One Piece] Lipstick and Memories - lineart by MajorasMasks:new:

Flat colours examples:

Cell and soft shading examples:
Shoada (Sergal FC) wallpaper | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks Creator (Dungeon Fighter Online) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks L playing with Transformers | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks Clumsy Merchild (Rocinante and Law from One Piece) by MajorasMasks Princess Zelda (WW and MC ver.) | COMMISSION 1 by MajorasMasks [One Piece] Usopp the Peco Gunner (MH crossover) by MajorasMasks Pirate Alliance (Law and Luffy from One Piece) by MajorasMasks [Darkstalkers] Huitzil + Cecil LP p. | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks:new:

Animations examples:
Lee Wobbles [feral OC] animation | POINTS REQUEST by MajorasMasks Happy Birthday, Marco! (One Piece) | ANIMATION by MajorasMasks [Naruto] Orochimaru - Memories | ANIMATION by MajorasMasks Corazon from One Piece | ANIMATION by MajorasMasks [Naruto] Sakura | ANIMATION by MajorasMasks [PKMN] Horsea | ANIMATION by MajorasMasks Zoro and Luffy's Adventure (OP - Zelda crossover) by MajorasMasks:new:

Traditional examples:
'Monsters' (One Piece fanfic illustration) by MajorasMasks [original] Chinese dragon folklore by MajorasMasks First Mate (Zoro from one Piece) | GIFTART by MajorasMasks