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Sierra Silver (OC) by Major-Ren Sierra Silver (OC) by Major-Ren
This oc is based off zootopia. I've actually drawn this awhile ago but never got around to posting her. I've used her in roleplays on wattpad but haven't drawn her much. I hope to do so more though. I also apologize for the blurry photo.
Now on to information about her

Name: Sierra Silver
        (her last name was previously Spotterson and she changed it as soon as she left home)
Age: 18
Gender: female
Species: Leopard
Personality: She can quiet and shy at first, doesnt mind getting dirty, intelligent, creative. Deep inside shes afraid people we see her in the way her parents saw her, useless
Job: She's currently working as she goes through training to be a police officer. She also runs an art store in her spare time
Looks: Silver fur that becomes lighter around her belly with dark grey leopard spots and black ear tips. She has a slender, agile figure and midnight colored eyes. She is taller than most other leopards and is slightly stronger than average. She usually wears hoodies with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows with a tank top underneath jeans or a skater skirt now. She usually wears  blues, grays, black, white, turquoise, and or purple colors but it isn't impossible to see her in other colors(other that yellow) She always carries a light brown colored leather bag that has two pockets on the front that are decorated with paint splattered cream colored lace. Inside she carries art supplies, a small sketchbook, iPod, earbuds, and the usual assortment of purse goods (aka. money, phone, license, etc.)
Backstory: She was born earlier that she was supposed to due to a problematic pregnancy which lead to some mutated genes. Growing up, her own family disgraces her for her unusual looks; calling her names, getting picked on by siblings and cousins, treated like a slave, and often times abused. Her parents had actually never given her a name, they just refereed to her as it or mistake. School wasn't much better. When she was enrolled in school, she was often the go to person for people to bully. She was able to give herself a name though, she told the teacher her name before her parents said a word. The only escape she had in life was drawing and so she quickly improved. After awhile, she also picked up writing stories. as soon as she was finished with high school, she packed up her belongings and left for zootopia. Her family wasn't even sad but instead were throwing a party by the time her back was turned
Likes:drawing, music, sports with her favorite being volleyball, reading, writing, going on walks/jogs/runs, swimming, singing, roller skating, thunderstorms, and nature
Dislikes: being cooped up inside, seeing people fighting sad or hurt, being forced into doing things, sour foods, and the fact she wakes up crying and or screaming because of nightmares
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October 11, 2017
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