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Shadow Dancer by Major-Ren Shadow Dancer by Major-Ren
Their was a car ride awhile back that I began daydreaming of a dancing shadow person with galaxy hair. I happened to write a short story type thing once we got back home. Im happy to finaly have a drawing for it though she doesn't look quite like she did in my daydream. 

    In a desolate gray scale world a single voice echos on an artificial breeze. Filling the world with song from its only inhabitant. Alone in this world, she spends her time dancing. A raise of her hands could change her surroundings from a boardwalk on the beach to a meadow of flowers in a grove of trees. Yet everything will always remain as varying shades of gray. Her memories were forgotten long ago. How she got here is now a question she has no answer to.

    By now I'm sure you're wondering who this person is. Well, “she” is a young maiden. A shadow being made of the darkest shadows. Her eyes a shimmering emerald green and her hair made of space are the only source of color in this otherwise dull world. She has powers of unimaginable power though she barely ever uses them. Taking darkness out of dreams, purifying willing hearts, and calming dark thoughts in the minds of people are the only real things she does with her power other than change her surroundings and keep a breeze blowing so that her long hair never hits the ground. The only things she can't do is bring color to her grayscale world and talk or bring people into her realm.

    Forever alone. Forever helping others. Forever living. A past forgotten. Our young maiden, a shadow figure with galaxy hair and emerald eyes, dances in a seemingly infinite wait for company.

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September 8, 2016
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