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Waking the White Queen

Little girl running away from the world
Don't blame yourself, words are less than love
In a wonderland, you can bend the course of fate
You can find the key and dream the darkness away

And if you search within yourself, to wake the White Queen
The key is hidden deep inside the world you're making
And if you find it in yourself, you'll wake the White Queen

- From "Wake the White Queen" by The Cruxshadows, which inspired the idea for this painting.


Here is my sixth annual Astrid painting, which is a January tradition for me! I always look at this the end of the previous year's art and the kick-off for the next year's art.

As always, my goals are:
*Outdo the previous year's painting
*Set the bar high for coming year
*Make something I'm proud of

I'm really happy with this one. All my life I've wanted to be able to draw dragons and I've never been very good at them, but I think I'm starting to get there.

Here's to a great year of art in 2010!


Wanna see the previous Astrid paintings?

Annual Astrid Painting Series:
January 2009: [link]
January 2008: [link]
January 2007: [link]
January 2006: [link]
January 2005: [link]
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Cruxshadows! I'd love to see a Dragonfly inspired piece!
KCmasterpiece321's avatar
Wowsers Batman! That's awesome! God I love it's wings and scales! XD
ekg's avatar
Wow. i Love this!
Absolutely stunning! The song is originally inspired by Neil Gaiman's Mirrormask, which is an amazing movie, but this piece is a beautiful interpretation of what you got from the song.
kuroreeves's avatar
great job~! i :heart: the detail on the dragon,,,~! so cool..amazing artwork :D
VERSUSreality's avatar
I stumbled upon your profile by accident, and I absolutely love this painting. I'm shocked to see that it has so few favourites. This painting is stunning!
DubuGomdori's avatar
It's a wonderful piece, well composed and portrayed. Great job.
Sefinova's avatar
Hm... I love the overall look and feel of this piece, but the positioning of the wings bothers me, especially given that it just burst out of the ground. They're very flat and stiff compared to all the wonderful motion you've conveyed in the flying snow bits. You might want to go find some flight studies for wing positions for flying regularly vs just taking off from the ground. It's hard to describe, but there's definitely a difference.

Great job with everything else though, I just LOVE her dress. :)
Majoh's avatar
I'll look for those! I looked at a bunch of bats as reference, but I never considered a difference between taking off and already in-flight. Thanks :)
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cryingsorceress's avatar
This is so... grand. You should definitely be proud of this piece.
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bananorama's avatar
I love her dark dress against all that snow, this looks brilliant and chilling.
differentego's avatar
womderul :thumbsup: i like the combination of eastern and western dragon style.
NuBearEull's avatar
It was really cool to go back and look at all the old ones. Thanks for those links. You've come so far. Gives a newbie like me a little hope.

Oh, and your dragon is just fine.
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