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Trinth Portrait

OMG, I painted something. This is my original char, Trinth (formerly Tren`tazra).

Created in Photoshop CS!
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Her eyes are especially beautiful, but the entire portrait looks lovely. She's got that sort of, "Come hither... if you can keep up!" expression to her.
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Good concept and design.
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enialadam's avatar
Beautiful colouring! She has a lovely face, nice expression. Great work! A lovely character indeed :)
Majoh's avatar
Thank you so much! And thank you very much for the +fav! Coming from you, it means a lot! :)
Kei-Flox's avatar
1) That is a gorgeous name for a character.
2) That is an awsome deviation.
3) :+fav:
Majoh's avatar
Such praise!! :hug: Thank you!
Shikaz's avatar
i love the idea along with the great choice of colors :clap:
ilovegravy's avatar
Ahh, beautiful work! :clap: I love the colors you used :heart: and that's awesome she's your own character! i could definitely see her in a graphic novel/comic! hehe
Majoh's avatar
Thank you so much :)
LilAngelWings014's avatar
She is beautiful! I especially love the vibrant green of her eyes!

If you are a beginer when it comes to digital painting, you're amazing. Nice use of lights and darks. Color choice throughout the painting is very complimentary.

Other than that, check this tutorial out, I thought you may apreciate it. Its dont by Ursula Vernon, one of the most amazing digital painters out there!

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This looks like a collector's plate, which is not a bad thing. :)
Majoh's avatar
Hehe.. thanks :D I always thought collector's plates were just an expensive form of junk, but this would be a pretty neat one!
DJ-Eclipse's avatar
You're welcome, and I agree. :)
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What happened to Tren'tazra? I liked that name :(
Majoh's avatar
I like it too, but the significance behind it has been irking me lately and changing it seemed appropriate.
Prince-SuperBen's avatar
What significance is this you mention?
Majoh's avatar
Particular meanings behind particular parts of her name were inspired by a particular person who is no longer particularly appealing nor particularly pleasant to be around ;)
Prince-SuperBen's avatar
Arr, say no mo'. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest his armpits.
Presence-III's avatar
Wow, great improvement with your painting style
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Alamus's avatar
oh my god! Something new! Yippe! I like I like! She looks really cute. Nice job on the colors, kinda chipper.
Majoh's avatar
Thank you! So glad you like it :D
SozokuReed's avatar
What a cute design! I like it
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