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MJ Demo Reel

Mandi Johnson - Demo Reel
~ 3.5mb download ~


This is a heavily compressed version of reel I'll be showing at my school-hosted portfolio show next week! I'll be handing out better quality copies on DVD to interested employers (either that, or bribing them to take one) at the show, and hopefully meeting some prospective employers!! For those who don't know, a demo reel is something you send to employers (along with your resume usually) in hopes of impressing them enough to call you in for an interview! Many artsy jobs (especially those for animation or 3d) require you to send in about a minute of your best work.

Higher quality version (37 mb) can be found here, on my own webspace: [link]

Sound has been disabled from this version for DA copyright infringement reasons and for file size concerns.

Resume and still work portfolio can be found at: [link]
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Thanks so much! :)
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You're welcome. :)
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Truly magnificent ^_^ I tried downloading the higher quality one from your site but I got a "File not found/responding" error message. Maybe too many people downloading it? Who knows. Anyway if you ever sell DVD copies I'd love to get one :) My favorite stuff was the part with Lemon fighting the Vending Machine! WOW ... that looks like a heck of a lot more fun than half the new games coming out :) I agree with the others. Companies are absolutely out of their minds if they don't want to hire you on the spot. Well done my friend ^_^

=JJ Parks=
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Thanks so much for checking it out!! That's odd about the file not responding... perhaps try again? (It works just fine here!)

I'm so glad you like it :D It was a lot of fun to make and I'm so very proud of it! :)
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oooh well done young lady
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Thanks so much! I'm glad it's finally done (for now at least).
Erm, ok, addendum, I poked around a bit more -then- I found all the thumnails. My advice now is to make that section a little more obvious, and the link to your lemon-mobile takes you to a remote control. If I find any more misleading thumnails I'll let you know ;)
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Thanks for the heads up on the link. Sometimes they get all confused, being so close to each otherl sometimes causes them to adopt each others' links. It's a frequently occuring issue!
Yeah, looks really good :) the 2D looks kinda like an afterthought though. When I talked to midway I brought some of my 2D animation stuff with me and he told me just to scrap it alltogether because I was trying to pitch for a 3D game. I love your website layout though, I'm just curious why you don't have the thumnails and pictures themselves up? If I've got lots of demo reels and websites to look at I just want to be able to browse the images on the web, I don't want to have to download something to look at it. The demo reel is ok to download because sometimes streaming creates skips and pauses etc, but I really would reccomend just putting the pictures there so they can be easily seen instead of making a neat package for download. I asked a bunch of people (my boss for one) and they agree with me so please don't think I'm just being mean >_<
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Thanks for checking it out. The 2D was not an afterthought, but rather just the piece that ended up at the end. Something had to be last, afterall.

As for the thumbnails, I don't want to put the entire load of pictures all on the same page. It'd be really cluttered and load slowly. The thumbnails are organized by type and offer a preview that loads almost instantly even on the lousiest of connections (loading fast is important to me). I feel like the "Portfolio" link is obvious enough to anyone who is looking for it, but thanks for looking at it and offering me your opinion.

PS: I don't expect too many people to download the entire print portfolio package, but rather to look at the Portfolio page to see specifically the type of work they want to see. I'll probably take it off the main page when I fix the site up post-graduating.

Thanks for checking it out though, I like to know what people think of it.
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Oh WOW! Thats amazing! It must of taken forever. EXCELLENT JOB!@!!
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Thanks so much :) It is the manifestation of about a year and a half worth of 3D work. It did take a while :D
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Well it shows! The detail and the quality is just... AMAZING! On the professional level! YOu have talent! ^^
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I was watching this and found my mouth open in awe.
You'll get a job in the field within the first year, I'm sure.

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I sure hope so, thanks for the vote of confidence. :) My biggest problem is deciding what specifically I want to do! Some instructors and the like keep telling me to pick one thing and tailor my reel to that one thing, but really.... I'll do anything available!
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I know what you are talking about. You could always make more than 1 demo reel also. But, the thing to think about is what you enjoy the >most< and it probably is what you are the best at.

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You've got a killer reel! God, everyone's leaving. It's kinda sad. Hey wait, I'm leaving in a couple quarters too. Dammit!

Knock 'em dead at the portfolio show :D
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Thanks so much :) I'm gonna miss everybody, that's for sure.
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lovely work mandi, everything looks incredible
good luck with portfolio show :)
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Thanks so much, I'm glad it's done :)
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Sweet. If you don't get a job in a few months, companies are outta their minds.
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hehe.. one can hope! :)
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wow... Done an amzing job with all the models in that movie!! :D

Great job!
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