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Gertrude's Wedding Day


Back when Hubert was a young lad,
Try as he might he could not decide;
Between the lovely Margret or Mildred or Caroline,
But secretly, a homely girl named Gertrude pined for his heart, yet she was hopeless at catching his eye.

Years went by until one day,
"I'd like a wife!" old Hubert realized;
But Hubert was quite old, and soon discovered,
That the only thing the young ladies wanted was to sieze his fortune and then wait for him to die.

"To hell with this!" he cried;
"I'd like a lady as old and as wrinkled as I!";
It was then and there that to everyone's surprise,
Hubert chose the old maid Gertrude as his bride!

This is #2 in an ongoing art trade series between and myself! It was done entirely in Photoshop CS in maybe 8-9 hours. Our topic this time was "wrinkles and folds".
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Damn that's wicked detail! Neat pic! ^_^
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I do believe I would die a happy crone to marry at such an age and look so lovely. -crinkles her nose-

I absolutely adore it.
A very sweet idea. There's actually an older woman in my office who's getting married the same day I am, she gets roses and sweets from her fiance every few days.
I think you did a very good job on the lace in the veil, but there's something about the lace on the edges of the dress itself that just stands out to me. I think it's too light on the near side. Although I do know that backlighting is one of the most difficult lighting schemes to pull off, I think you did a really good job on the backlight 'halo' on the bridesmaid.
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Aww, that is sweet. The lace was indeed tricky, as was the lighting. Thanks for the critique! :)
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Ahh! Saggy wrinkled boobs! Eek!

hehe, naw, this is good! Kinda sad when you think of it though...she's soo old now! aww, still, this is one of your best photoshop yet.
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Thank you! :) I'm trying to challenge myself to work outside my norm with these art trades, so there might be some unusual subject matter! I'm glad you like it, and thanks for the compliments. :)
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