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Four Witches

OMG I need to stop picking at this and just post it already O___O

I started this back in January and kept revisiting/rebooting it until, at last... I think I'm satisfied with it. Painted in Photoshop CS5 over the course of a hundred billion hours.

The characters are inspired by my four Everquest characters, clockwise from top middle: Astrida the magician, Mandi the enchanter, Trentazra the cleric, and Winlet the wizard. Depending on who is asking, they're either a quartet of sisters or lovers. :P

I played EQ 1999-2006 and I miss it so much, there's really nothing else like it. All my friends have moved on a long time ago but every couple years I dust off my accounts and play for a bit. The last time I played, I split the four characters onto individual accounts so I could play all four simultaneously with a mercenary tank.
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This is really beautiful work, good job!
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Nice! Its tough to draw something that's near and dear to your heart... I love the colors and that ominous background ;D
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You are so right! I spend way longer on things dear to me... sometimes to the point where I basically never finish the artwork. Work for others and fan art is much easier. :)