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Firiona Vie is the "mascot" of EverQuest, an mmorpg I spent about 5 years playing religiously. The character rarely appears in game, just in the lore, but she's on every box so at least references were easy to come by. (I could write a book about my EQ experiences and how important and wonderful it all was to me...but I'll skip that and just talk about the painting instead :D )

I spent waaay longer on this than I originally intended to. I originally meant to just do something rough and be done with it. It was supposed to be an easy, enjoyable appetizer to some much more difficult and challenging projects I'm beginning.

It also used to be a completely different painting, too, but I trashed that one and started over and spent about a week of regular work on this one. The results, however, are MUCH better than I originally even hoped they'd be so I think it all works out. :D

Created entirely in Photoshop, using various refs I took myself and time spent standing in front of a mirror.

7/21/08 Update I'm getting ready to print a new print portfolio, so I fixed a few things about this that were bugging me (mainly her face). Enjoy!
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