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January 22, 2008
The golden tones in Astrida's Practice by =Majoh bring the piece together harmoniously. The careful painting on both the model and background amazes me. This artist's detailed works definitely deserve more attention!
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Astrida's Practice

It's time for my January tradition - an Astrida painting!

Every January I paint a new portrait of this character of mine. The only major goal is to outdo the previous year's painting. This year I added an extra goal of sticking with a limited color palette, orange and purple (and some yellow and red, a bit). I really don't like orange or purple that much so this forced me to use some colors I don't often paint with.

This is the fourth year I've done this and every year I look at what I made and say to myself I can't possibly do better next year, and then I always manage to surprise myself!

Annual Astrid Painting Series:
January 2009: [link]
January 2008: [link]
January 2007: [link]
January 2006: [link]
January 2005: [link]

As for what's going on in it.. well, I just thought it would look neat. She's a very day-dreamy and apathetic character, so I imagine she'd stand around playing her violin while her city went up in flames. It fits. V :) V

Close up: [link]

Edit: Oh WOW a daily deviation!!!! I was out of town for the week and didn't know what to think when I came back to 640 messages in the inbox! Thank you =cryingsorceress and ^JunkbyJen ! And thank you everyone else for enjoying my art. :)

1.26.08 Image Update Sorry folks, I'm not a violin player and even though I used a few references, I missed some nuances about the violin's design. I've added some of the violin components that were missing and reworked the placement of some elements. I hope all you die-hard violinists find it a bit more accurate now. If not.. well, just pretend Astrida is from a far away place where violins are different.

Also, some people have pointed out that she is playing it "backwards". I didn't realize that both lefties and righties are taught to play the same way, though I did find a budding "movement" to change that! [link]

I realize I could just flip the picture and make everyone else happy, but I rather like it oriented this way and I don't think playing it "lefty" is such a bad thing. Perhaps in her world, violins come in both left-handed and right-handed varieties. Score one for handedness equality! :D
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Hetalian-Alchemist's avatar
I love the portrait. And there are actually left-handed violins out there, so no need to worry =)
Crimson-Strength's avatar
I love violin! but look at that; is she left handed? I wish I could paint like that!
voldee's avatar
How enchanting!
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
dxmfan's avatar
This is the best one yet! The colors are nice and the entire picture is really interesting, even if the violin is all wrong. ^^

Really great work though!
crazyraccoon's avatar
I absolutely adore this piece! I checked out the previous years, too, and you're definitely improving. That being said, you forgot the chin rest on the violin... she's also playing it left handed, unlike the 2005 piece, and you forgot a few other details like the f holes. It also needs tuning pegs and the bridge is too close to the finger board. (Yeah, I play viola, can you tell?) Anywho... great piece, I especially love the folds in her dress and the DD is well deserved.
Majoh's avatar
Thanks for your comments :) While I used a few refs, I missed some nuances to violin playing that you and many others have pointed out. I never in a million years thought this many people would be looking at it and critiquing it! :D
FlyingFelix's avatar
Wow, this is compositionally beautiful. The way how the dark dress contrasts with the blonde hair matches the golden light of the burning city and dark mountains. :D
Vueiy-Visarelli's avatar
It's gorgeous, and you've definitely improved, year by year. Keep it up!
cryingsorceress's avatar
Congrats on the DD ;)
Mallenroh001's avatar
it's beautiful, I love how cold she is, the burning city was a nice touch, and her hands on teh violin are beautiful
Lotus072's avatar
Wow! I love this painting.
I loved looking at the links and seeing how much you've improved. You deserve a :+fav:
Machinacide's avatar
And yeah, I agree on the improving part. Your past works are great, but each one shows how much better you get. This one takes the cake. Love it. :]
neomeruru's avatar
Very nice work! It's good to set goals like this for yourself, and look back on how you've improved over the years. This is an incredible improvement from your first year, and even just last time!
ILoveACullen's avatar
Very nice, I would love to learn more about this character
kitkat-teh-mime's avatar
this is amazing! I love the details to the room, her dress, the background outside. On that note, its interesting that you have the city in flames while its snowing. Any reason for that particular combination? Its gorgeous.
Majoh's avatar
There's no particular reason other than I like painting snow, and I always imagine her city as snowing constantly.
kitkat-teh-mime's avatar
^w^ its spiffy. Thanks for its for explaining.
sideshow-coholic's avatar
Wow this si lovely. The coloration is fab=ntastic and I love the way you desigened her dress it suits her. I also like the vilion too. :rose:
LilRedAngel452's avatar
well this is very cool, i really like the shadows and the depth specially. Great work :)
purplerose's avatar
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