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This is the official resource collection for the Comics and Cartoons Gallery. It's a work in progress so feel free to note me your links. Please note though: I believe endless lists of links are more confusing than helpful, so I will be keeping the list trimmed to only the most useful sites and tutorials. So if your link submission doesn't make it in the listing don't take it personally, it just means there's already a similar but better resource up there :)

If you're just getting started or want quick resources, look for the :juggle: symbol before an entry. These are resources that provide a good overview , while the rest go more in depth and into technical details.


:juggle: :pointr: Six tutorials for novice writers, from Sinister Squid Studios: Concept, Tableau, Plot, Technique, Composition and Review.
:pointr:  "What the heck makes a good character?" A brilliant rundown.
:pointr: iTools: A one-stop page for language tools (dictionary, thesaurus, terminology, translator...)


:juggle: :pointr: My personal work process for The Making of a Page, from idea to finish, is of course not a method that suits everyone but I recommend the read for the numerous insights and tips included.


:pointr: Different ways of holding a pencil for different purposes: <a  href="…">page 1, <a  href="…">page 2, <a  href="…">page 3, <a  href="…">page 4, <a  href="…">page 5.

People and animals:
:juggle::pointr: Majnouna's collection of tutorials for drawing people and animals.
:pointr: what-i-do-is-secret has excellent reference sheets that include good tips to bear in mind.
:pointr: If you really need someone to tell you where to put your hands while kissing, this reference will tell you ;)
:pointr: Elruu has guides to draw wolves and tigers.
:pointr: akeli also has a tutorial for tigers, only covers a few details but they're useful. :new:
:pointr: Droemar's horse tutorials: Part 1, Part 2 and Riding Tutorial.
:pointr: Tutorials for some dinosaurs by Droemar: Ankylosaur, Sauropod, Theropod, Raptor

Clothing and folds:
:pointr: How clothes behave on the body, useful pointers to find your folds.
:pointr: Additional useful fold insights on Manga University.
:pointr: Creases and Folds by KealeS.
A lot more at the The Artists Hospital
:pointr: Clothes and Folds by kitten-chan.
:pointr: Folding Physics by jinglestan :new:

:juggle::pointr: The Perspective Tutorial: Excellent, as it covers not only 1- and 2-point perspective but also perspective applied to colors, and such.


:pointr: Inking with pens and a lightbox.
:pointr: Digital inking using the Brush tool.


:juggle: :pointr: PSG Art tutorial: A one-stop, quick reference for a number of useful notions – Light and shadows, colors, composition, perspective, line art, common mistakes.

:pointr: Digital coloring video tutorial – 36 minutes long, downloadable in 3 parts, probably best for fast connections!

Special effects
:pointr: A quick guide to making zoom lines.
:pointr: How to give your comic the look and feel of old comics from the Golden Age, by rosalarian :new:

:pointr: Basic planes of the face and how they are shaded under different light angles.


:pointr: Blambot is an excellent source of professionally designed comic book fonts of all types. Enough free fonts are offered to make everybody happy.
:pointr: Comics Grammar and Tradition by Nate Piekos: A breakdown of the Unwritten Rules of Comics Lettering, or Comics Grammar, by a professional letterer.
:pointr: Glossary of lettering terms.


Preparing your work for print:
:pointr: The 4 areas of a page: something you MUST know if you're working for print.

Submitting to publishers:
:pointr:The Submission Guidelines for every Comic and Manga Publisher in the Universe: A fantastic list of active publishers, briefly stating their submission requirements and linking straight to their submission pages.
:pointr: Getting your comic under a label.

:pointr: How to make your own small press comics.
:pointr: Reviews of Print-On-Demand sites: Ka-Blam


Thank you Kezhound for the many invaluable articles posted on your blog, which I have pillaged for this section...
:pointr: Kezhound's thesis, The Art of Webcomics is well-worth the read to comprehend all aspects of this emerging medium. It's divided into several blog posts, start from the first (at the bottom of the page).
:pointr: Important consideratiosn for building a good Webcomic website that's also convenient to update: The must-haves, the archives page and tips for your FTP.
:pointr: TalkBack: A free, powerful comment script to add to one's webcomic.
:pointr: Reviews of webcomic hosts: Comic Dish, DrunkDuck, Comic Genesis.
:pointr: Webcomic networking on: deviantART, Twitter, StumbleUpon.
:pointr: About webcomic collectives.


:pointr: Common mistakes for first time comic artists by jeriweaver.
:pointr: {French] Histoire de la Bande Dessinée autour du monde: Afrique Centrale - Brésil - Burkina Faso - Canada anglophone - Finlande - Guinée Equatoriale - Israël - Madagascar - la Réunion - Maroc - Maurice - Monde Arabe - Seychelles

© 2010 - 2021 Majnouna
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Where has sinister squid gone? I really wanted to read those articles... :C It just says that it's "coming soon", so I suppose they lost the site or something?
Majnouna's avatar
Hmm I don't know, but if you want an up-to-date list chck out [link] as it's possible I updated their link there.
umbbe's avatar
Thank you. :D Will check out~
RedVioletPanda's avatar
Great work on this, I happen to have made a sword reference as of late, do you want a link to it, I'm afraid it might be a tad primitive though.
Majnouna's avatar
I would be interested if you developed it, right now it's rather on the light side :) For instance, I'm a jiàn practitioner and your representation doesn't look right; also there are many kinds of jiàn and of the other swords, and the names of the parts isn't as useful as say how each is handled, its strengths and weaknesses... I'm anal and tend to put all the info in the world in each tutorial, but even without going so extreme, quite a bit more can be said about swords!
RedVioletPanda's avatar
I'll be working on it a bit, but it was more of a "pointing out various parts of a sword", becuase everyone seems to get that messed up (how many times has someone mistaken the hilt for the guard?). But thanks, I'll be fleshing this out.

As for the jian, it's really simplified, and not really to model, so I'm probably going to replace it with a better refernce. I thought jian mainly refered to the single handed sword of Chinese design, with a diamond cross section blade (sorry if that sounded dumb), I did not know there were other kinds of jian, so forgive me (and the fact that I can't seem to get the accent on that word). The whole strengths and weaknesses thing was not what I had in mind, but if I'm going to put that in, I would have to do a lot more reseach. Thanks for the critique, I'll see what I can do with this.
wanwan's avatar
hey this is great! just wondering if you know of any great sites where I can get high res inks to practice colouring on?

I have already got some from Top Cow: [link] if that helps anyone else?
antalas's avatar
Check out the inkwell forums. Under the 'artist alley' there is a 'pages to ink' thread with links to all sorts of pencils. The 'tools, tips, and tricks' sections is also very informative.

Majnouna's avatar
Oh, sorry, I don't, but some people have linearts up for coloring on dA :) Maybe not pages though, you'd have to search for them.
wanwan's avatar
thanks though :) still a great resource you have here!
Yumenthic's avatar
this one is really helping me
thanks :D
DestinieKirby's avatar
What an awesome list of resources. I shall be bookmarking this for future reference. :aww:
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Dr-Toszi's avatar
Thanks for this!
HenrikeDijkstra's avatar!!! Thank you so much for all the work! *saves in favourites folder*

I`ll see if I got more links. :)
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what about `fox-orian's persepctive tutorials?

I know you've already got sashas' up there, but I think his are well worth listing as well.
Majnouna's avatar
I'll check them out :)
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OMGosh is so awesome =D
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