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I've been very tied up with urgent tasks, so rather than delay this issue any longer I'm posting it incomplete. Sorry!


What's new in Comics & Cartoons

:pointr: Breach Sphere Contest Results
:pointr: Comicslist Stamp Contest
:pointr: Daqueran #2 Fan Art Contest
:pointr: 24hour Comic: First edition results
:pointr: deviantArt's Myst fanclub attracts creative artists of every discipline and level. In the month of May, they will be featuring members who specialize in Comic Style art. They invite you to enjoy the work in their Comic Style Gallery, and if you'd like, leave a little :+favlove: for the artists there.


Happenings in comics worldwide

:pointr: TCAF 2009: Links to stories, eyewitness accounts and resources concerning Toronto Comic Arts Festival, held May 9-10 at the Toronto Reference Library in Toronto, Ontario.
:pointr: Asian-American Authors Explore Identity, Cultural Roots
:pointr: Have you ever wondered why writers are paid by the page?
:pointr: The first edition of a brand new comic festival in Langlade (France) will take place from June 12 to 14: Le PPPFIBDM expliqué par ses créateurs (French). Official site: here. I really want to go next year!


A closer look at one author, series, graphic novel or theme

This week's spotlight is on the brand new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Century:1910), this first part of which is about to hit the shelves (published by Top Shelf in North America and Knockabout in the UK)  – but this time I'm going to leave the discussion to the author himself :) Who better than Alan Moore can shed abundant light on the genesis of his own books? Read the interview conducted by Pádraig Ó Méalóid here.
As an added bonus, it has a part 2 that discusses future work, and a part 3 that answers readers' questions.


Blogs and stuff to keep an eye on

:pointr: Nawlz is described, by Scott MacCloud no less, as the quintessential experimental webcomic. An astonishing venture into being fully relevant to this new medium without ending up with somethign that can no longer be called a comic.
:pointr: Along the same line of thought: The Cide.


Deviations that didn't make it as DDs, but are still worth a look!
The Girl and the Ghost 2 by cwgabriel

Mature Content

Emoticon Expressions by cyanatar
Peace of Mind by kasai Lines: FollowMyWay by Creature13 gotcha by pzla Little Train by zeiva City of Heroes No. 18 Cover by DNA-1

Mature Content

Farla Finita by martinacecilia
Star Crossing by nikogeyer


What is she going to come up with this time?

:pointr: Neil Gaiman on fan entitlement – truer words have never been spoken... (scroll down to "Hi Neil")
:pointr:  Could you be Batman?

See you next week!
Your C&C Gallery Moderators,
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Sorry! I'll make up for it :D
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:) I guess I'll forgive you because the two bookmarks this time were so extremley awesome
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Great article! It's awesome seeing someone so passionate about comics! :dance:
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Thanks! I noticed your profile page. If you'd like your offer to get more exposure or have other ideas, note me :)
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sure maybe you can write about our page - to help others break into comics. THNX!
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Like I said, you need to note me with a brief "listing" I can post. I need to know you're serious.
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Well basically we're a resource to help people who want to get into comics to help them by giving advice, critiques, and pointing them in the right direction when they want to make contacts in the comic book business. So I'm not sure what type of "listing" you would need from us. :) We also plan on posting tutorials on coloring for comics and other tutorials that will be helpful to those who want to get into the comic book business.

So what ever way you could help spread the word about us would be awesome! We'd really appreciate any help you can give us. :)

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Ok cool, I can work with that :D
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Great! Thanks a lot, hun! :D

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oh wow. Totally agree with the :above: for the "almost-DDs" :)
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Thanks for the article! All of the "ALMOST-DDs" are worth taking a look at :)
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