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Guide to Little Cats

To view both parts of this chart together in full size, you need to go to my website.

All the Little Cats (Felinae) species (no subspecies!) are shown here, save for a couple listed at the top of the document. Even though it is completely irrelevant for an illustrator whether the Bay Cat goes under Catopuma or Pardofelis, I've done my best to abide by the latest classification system. This has been revised already so as of 2011 this should all be accurate.

The full series (get the book! Guide to Cats - the book by Majnouna):
Guide to Pantherinae/Big cats
Guide to Felinae/Little cats
Guide to Housecat breeds 1
Guide to Housecat breeds 2
Guide to Coat colors and Patterns

For the rest of my tutorials go here.
For my tutorial books go here.
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Cool, but when you did the pardofelis they actually have slimmer stomachs.

That is though highly relevant for a taxonomist. Your 2011 revision is not accurate.
Hi, serval is not caracal but leptailurus. The asian golden cat and the bay car are not pardofelis but catopuma.
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I actually heard that the Iriomote cat was considered a subspecies of leopard cat.  I'm not sure I believe that, though.  They look too different to me.
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Classifications are revised all the time, so who knows. It doesn't matter for our purposes though, as long as we can draw them correctly!
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OMG!! SOOOOOOO Sweeeeettttt!!! This is AWSOMEEEEE!!!! 😱😍😻
Thank you for these pics!
I will buy this book!

(And thank you, that you show the book! So we can buy it!)

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Useful, thank you!!
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Awesome.What about subspecies?i want to see a guide to subspecies..Please do thatThanks
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WOW. This is awesome!
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this is great!
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Wow....Very useful!Thank you!
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What about spotless cheetah -…
I've never seen any confirmed reports of any odd color variation except King and Spotless cheetahs.
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You're linking me to the Daily Mail? Seriously?
I'll stick to what's shown here.
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Ugh, if an article on Daily Mail is going to be your excuse... I can link you the same article and photos on thousands of different sites.
But if so, then tell me about comfirmed and photographed cases of isabeline, chinchila or maltese cheetahs then.
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Why should I bother? If you don't trust the research, move along.
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