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March 25, 2007
Guide to Human Types part 2 by `Cedarseed is a fantastic reference guide for any serious artist who wishes to refine their craft! Print this one off and hang it by your drawing table!
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Guide to Human Types part 2

To see this chart in full size, together with parts 1 and 3, you'll need to go to my website.

Please read the chart's introduction carefully before asking any questions. IMPORTANT: Mixed types (such as Latinos) are not covered in these guides, SO DON'T ASK. The book version DOES include a discussion of the major mixed types, just to help you get on the right track. The book also has North Chinese as an extra type, and quite a few correction and extra details.

I no longer take corrections on these tutorials so please don't bother. I can't accept any correction without cross-checking it with reliable sources, and as this was made in 2006, I no longer have the time or incentive to do that.

Get all of my human anatomy tutorials in one convenient book or e-book! Drawing People tutorial book by Majnouna

I get frequently asked for the sources I used to gather this research. The nature of the internet is such that every time I have looked up my sources list since I made this guide, 7+ years ago, some of them have disappeared from the 'net, until the list was reduced to a single still functioning link. So I had better explain how it came together. Obviously, there is no one book presenting all this info, or I wouldn't have had to make the guide in the first place. The research was based on hundreds of small sources both off and online (in some cases from direct observation and asking tribespeople how they could tell other tribes apart), most focusing on just one type, or the difference between two types, or even just the beauty standards in one culture or the average height of the inhabitants of a country in the past decade, making it quite useless to list them. Some books I found online, such as The Racial Elements of European History (Hans F. K. Gûnther) and The Races of Europe (Carleton Stevens Coon) provided a framework for more in-depth research and cross-checking, and there was a specialized anthropological forum, DODONA: Human Biodiversity Discussion Forum, now defunct, that contained treasures of articles and photos, as well as frightfully knowledgeable people to whom I could ask direct questions. Sorry therefore that I can't provide a bibliography; the last remaining link of my list that is still active is this one:… .
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