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Guide to Housecat Breeds 2

To view both parts of this chart together in full size, you need to go to my website.
Prints are available on Redbubble: Part 1 and Part 2 . There are also mugs of your favourite breeds!

The full series (get the book! Guide to Cats - the book by Majnouna):
Guide to Pantherinae/Big cats
Guide to Felinae/Little cats
Guide to Housecat breeds 1
Guide to Housecat breeds 2
Guide to Coat colors and Patterns
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Didn't see 'Bengals', but you don't-- too well camouflaged !!

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These are so nice.
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did you know that Scottish folds are incredible mousers and were breed for that purpose. their bulky limbs are excellent for pouncing and jumping
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i'm probably not the only one who noticed this but, the cheezburger cat is a scottish fold...
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wait no, the ears don't fold down...
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These are amazing. I just have to say.
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Very interesting.
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Nice ^^ I think my cat might have a little Selkirk in her. The fur on her belly and tail is all curly like that,but the rest is normal :P
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There's a black and white bob-tailed cat hanging around my grandparent's farmhouse lately. I've nicknamed him "Peanut." He's got a rather large build - not necessarily cobby, just large. It's neat. ^^
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Hi! I recently learned of a breed of cat called the Ukrainian Levkoy that also has folded ears. I wanted to point them out to you because I don't think you included them in your guide, and I'm not sure if you did that intentionally or weren't aware of the breed.
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I left out a few breeds that are not recognized by the CFA :) Otherwise the list goes on and on but the criteria become questionable.
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Oh! Okay then, that makes sense :)
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Love all your cats tutorials.
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Both of the reference guides on the housecats here are exquisite, if I may use that word. They are so full of great information, and they will make my life much easier as I slowly try and figure out the many types and how to draw cats better in general. The detail is so helpful, especially the variations and side notes. I can tell that much research has been put into these and all the guides you have created! I truly do thank you for them all. :meow:
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Lovely, enjoy!
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Anyone else (who reads Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter) think it's a little weird how the Sphynx is also called the Moonstone cat? I wonder what would happen if a Sphynx came across the Clans and said, "I am a Moonstone Cat, more powerful than StarClan"?
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