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Guide to Housecat Breeds 1

All the cat breeds wouldn't fit on one document so I had to divide this one. The last 12 breeds, those with coat/tail/ear mutations, are in part 2 linked below.

To view both parts of this chart together in full size, you need to go to my website.
Prints are available on Redbubble: Part 1 and Part 2 . There are also mugs of your favourite breeds!

The full series (get the book! Guide to Cats - the book by Majnouna):
Guide to Pantherinae/Big cats
Guide to Felinae/Little cats
Guide to Housecat breeds 1
Guide to Housecat breeds 2
Guide to Coat colors and Patterns

For the rest of my tutorials go here.
For my tutorial books go here.
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Nice kitties, nice
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This will come in handy
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This is so wonderful! Thank you so much!
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Thank you for the tutorial! 
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Perfect! Hey Peoples check My Deviantart.
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i cant read what it says
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Download it.

I know this is like, 4 years late

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Whats the 12th one from the bottom
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*screams* this is so much help ;o;
Oh wow, this is great!
You're welcome! ^^
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This really helps, thank you! ;)
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I didn't see in on this page so I'll just ask: is the Scottish fold, Minuet & Munchkin breeds in the book or do I got to be a bit more creative?
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Minuet and munchkin are not official CFA breeds, Scottish fold is. See part 2 for the latter.
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Maybe not here, but I did read that minuets were recently added to  the groups in Europe (which is not surprising since they originated on Russian soil), & truthfully a "munchkin" can appear in any breed of cat. It is a genetic defect after all.
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Only breeds recognized by the CFA at the time of the making of the guide are included.
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