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Guide to Horse Colors and Patterns

By Majnouna
Along the same lines as my Guide to Cat Colors, this is the world’s first and sole complete guide on a single poster. Every color, pattern and marking known to the horse genetics world at this time is included here.
Please make sure to get the largest possible poster size (A0), otherwise the text will be too small to read comfortably! The smallest I would go is around 36in in length.
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Helpful, yet nice
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is the unpigmented/blue-silver a new addition? I coulda sworn I hadn't seen that before, but I haven't looked at this in a long time
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No, I haven't updated this since shortly after I first posted it.
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i've been looking for this chart for so long! 
i keep finding it on websites for room decor O-o but i was determined to find the original! 
again thank you for creating this !!!!
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Websites for room decor?! Like where?
You're welcome!
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Oh ok thanks! These are mine :whew: For a moment I thought someone else was selling it ^^'
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oh okay well thats good at least ^^
My homozygous Splash White, chestnut, hetrozygous Frame Overo mare has produced a black foal from my black, heterozygous tobiano stallion. The foal has one Splash gene. So what is the colour called? I can't see it on the chart?? The chart is great btw!
So lucky to have found this! This is so cool!
Question: is there a such thing as a double cream + silvering?
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I have no idea offhand, sorry. It's been a while!
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This is one the most accurate guides I've seen. A lot of people get the Appaloosa patterns wrong, but you are spot on!Thumbs Up :happybounce: 
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Mushroom color? I can not find.
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This is one of the most useful guides around, thank you SO much! <3
It's so useful to see the more rare colours on here, it's barely any use to google for them. XD
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Glad you find it helpful!
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This is amazing! And so helpful to have all this info on one sheet! Bought one to frame and hang in my art studio.
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Awesome, thank you!
Very cool!

God bless you!
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One of the most Epic works I've seen on deviantArt. You have made a Very Important contribution with this image. Well Done!\
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This has helped a lot, but what about the pearl (prlprl) and cream pearl (Crprl) colors?

EDIT: I found it, but pearl does have an affect on eumelanin pigment, but it is very rare (like said)
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wow wow wow, this is by far the best horse color sheet I have seen, amazing job!
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