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Guide to Cats - the book

Ta-da! The book is ready! All the cat guides are included, for a total of 78 pages!

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I was unwilling to make my tutorials available as PDFs for years because it's so easy for someone to resell or redistribute them. I even found some of my books uploaded to download sites, God knows how since they only existed as hard copies. So I'm testing the cats one a bit, if you buy it do me a favor and don't share it beyond your household... Don't send it to friends who may feel it's ok to share it further, etc. If I don't get screwed over with this one, you may see my other tuts available digitally as well, possibly including a megacompilation. Why this is desirable, other than the practical aspect of it, is that if I make later corrections or small additions, the revised edition can be made available for free to all those who had bought it previously. So help me out with this! And thanks :D
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AAAAAAAAAAA i'll be able to purchase this next week, i can't wait to get it!!!
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Purchased it! Can't wait for it to arrive x3
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I hope it comes soon xD Hate waiting haha!
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I maybe will get it to my birthday - i wandet to ask one thing: is there something about big cat hybrids (as ligers, tigons, etc) too? o: :D
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No hybrids, no :)
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awh.. XD but well, it's even without them good. xD
are there any information about genetics?
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Guide to Cat Colors, Patterns by Majnouna which is included in the book is based on genetics, but as it's an artist's guide, it doesn't discuss genes directly. For the contents of the book, simply see my cat tutorials, that's what's included in there.
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Alright, thank you :3
Is there other extra stuff in the book, besides whats on you tuts? :3 *keeps asking stupid questions*
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No, I ended up making the bonus material available on the online tuts, cuz I'm so generous!
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Also is in the book nothing different than the tuts? XD
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With I could get that *Must get the money to buy it*
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My mom would love this. X3
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Hello other book to add to wishlist! :D
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i'm gonna get it!!! i hope....
midsneypixels's avatar
add to wishlislt.
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