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Guide to Cat Colors, Patterns


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This chart can no longer be downloaded in full size on dA. To view it properly, go to my own website. To buy a print, visit Redbubble.

Note that has grossly and shamelessly copied my work point by point for their own purposes:… .  Hiss hiss boo. I learned a lot from the site (itself based on existing books) during my research and always credited it for that, and they turn out to be particularly sneaky thieves. So I'm making sure people who see the chart are aware of this.

Based on CFA standards. This was made using more sources than I can list, but one of the most helpful sites I found that helped me sort this out is… .

Asking me to identify your cat's colour is a waste of my time and I won't respond.

The full series (get the book! Guide to Cats - the book by Majnouna):
Guide to Pantherinae/Big cats
Guide to Felinae/Little cats
Guide to Housecat breeds 1
Guide to Housecat breeds 2
Guide to Coat colors and Patterns
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i mean, this is a great chart and all, but i think its pretty unfair to say messybeast stole from you when the page on her website clearly states that information was taken from old cat textbooks (and acknowledges she didnt steal from you specifically)... its not plagirarism to depict information in a similar format (especially when simple pictures are the easiest way to depict this kind of stuff)