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July 2, 2008
Emotions and Facial Expression by `Cedarseed is an incredible guide and resource for artists wishing to refine a unique variety of facial expressions and emotion .This is just one in many of a series of exemplary guides that she has generously shared with us.
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Emotions and Facial Expression

Get all of my human anatomy tutorials in one convenient book or e-book!

Full tutorial list: [link]

There isn't a whole lot to say about this tutorial: obviously, it's a guide to the variety of emotions the human face can express, with as many pointers as I could think of to help you understand how the different parts of the face (and body) are articulated in connection with specific feelings. It was a fun tut to make, requiring more intuition and observation than research.

The usual disclaimers apply: no part of this tutorial may be reproduced under any shape or form, the tutorial may not be reposted anywhere, etc. You can save or print it for your own private reference.
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Thanks! I think I can use this! :)

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What about annoyance or irritation?
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thank you so much, this is a big help !
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Hi Joumana. I love this chart! Would I be able to use it to make flashcards to instruct children in recognizing emotions and facial expressions? Thanks!
Thank you very much! Is there an ultra-high resolution version to make each face clear?
WrensthavAviovus's avatar
OMG i was spinning my wheels trying to find this amazing piece of reference again.
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This is incredible! Very good!
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Good to hear!
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Oh wow, this is so helpful! I already use some such expressions in my art; but the way this is laid out, and the comprehensiveness with which you've labelled each part of every expression make this a very valuable asset. I'm going to be referring back to this in the future, for sure :D

Thank-you for such a useful resource!
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thank you so much. Very detailed and still simple to understand.
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Have you seen the game on facebook named Criminal Case? It seems to have copied a LOT of these expressions exactly. They are also making money off of the game.
Majnouna's avatar
I haven't, am looking at it now but not sure where these come in. Do you have screenshots by any chance? Facial expressions are for all to use, it's only if they're copy-pasting my work that it's an issue. Thanks!
Lonely-Spectra's avatar………

These are just a few examples. It just really looks a little too similar to this chart
Majnouna's avatar
They look legit to me :)
Lonely-Spectra's avatar
Very well. I didn't know if they were trying to make money off of your art. I wanted to let you know just in case though.
Majnouna's avatar
I appreciate you bringing it up!
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I really like your work , teaches me a lot .   thank u
Majnouna's avatar
Great! You're welcome!
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