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Drawing People tutorial book



To mark the launch of Drawing People as an ebook, I finally made a new cover for it!

Get the book! (coil-bound)
Get the ebook!

For those not familiar, this is my most acclaimed publication so far, collecting all my human tutorials with some added material:

Everything you need to know to draw the human figure in all its liveliness and diversity, illustrated in full color. Chapters:
- Introduction: Cultivating Your Drawing Skills
- Drawing the body (comparative face and body anatomy for men and women, muscle diagrams, hands and feet, notes on balance and foreshortening)
- Emotions and facial expressions (a study of a sample of 60 expressions with additional notes on posture, etc.)
- Flexibility (understand how and where the body bends)
- Aging the face and body, detailed for men and women
- Catalog of human features (eye/hair/skin color, nose/eyebrow/eye/breast shapes, body types)
- Guide to human types (detailed anatomic and facial characteristics of over 50 ethnotypes, from Ainu to Zulu, with notes on mixed types – the only such guide in existence)
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The links seem to be broken. The Ring-bound version and the e-book version. The 'cheaper binding' version works, as far as getting to the site, but shows there is no product there.