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Drawing Feet

By Majnouna
Get all of my human anatomy tutorials in one convenient book or e-book!
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This tutorial gave me a lot of "ah-ha!" moments and made drawing feet much easier for me. I was especially impressed with using a wedge shape for feet because I don't think in 3D very well and this helped with that. Thank you! 
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That's really good to hear :)
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Thank you for sharing this :3
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thanks that was helpful 
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Good to hear :)
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Ohh, lots of interesting details here. I never noticed that the small toes can't curve up - until now :)

One thing I observed on my own, merely by chance: Western feet are "pointier" which may well be caused by wearing shoes most of the time while Asian feet are wider in the front part and more of the "square" form :)
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Yes, that's touched upon in the box about wearing shoes vs not. :)
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This is very helpful and informative, thank you.
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Nice tutorial!
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Thanks for this! It's very helpful!
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Awesome tutorial!
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This will come in handy, thanks for taking the time to make it for people such as myself who can't draw feet well XP
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Let me give you a hug! :iconaawplz:
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Man you know many about feet^^ Thank you for this helpfull tutorial
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