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Drawing Birds part 3
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Published: January 9, 2006
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One word: WHEW!! :faint:
Finally, the third and last part of my Drawing Birds tutorial. It is absolutely essential to start with part 1, which deals with the actual drawing part, as parts 2 and 3 provide a guide of things to know about roughly 100 species.
Part 1:
Part 2:

This tutorial (all 3 parts) in book form: [link]
Full tutorial list: [link]

Things that should go without saying but I'll say anyway:
The birds are not to scale relatively to each other. I would have loved to make a diagram of bird sizes relatively to a human being, but I will have to leave it as a bonus for the tutorial book – along with a few interesting species I had to cut out for space.
Obviously, not all species are represented. My semi-arbitrary selection includes:
- Birds that are likely to come up in illustration;
- Birds that are unique or unusual and may provide inspiration for fantasy;
- Birds I like too much not to include.

NO part of this tutorial may be reproduced, so don't even ask!! if you find it helpful and want to share it, simply link to it.
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I'm trying to draw Ho-Oh. Wikipedia says it's based off a bird in chinese mythology that has the wings of a swallow, body of a mandarin duck, head of a golden pheasant, tail of a peacock (probably male), legs of a crane, and mouth of a parrot. I've got the body, head, and beak right, but I'm having trouble with everything else. Help?
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MajnounaProfessional General Artist
You mean beyond the reference for crane legs and peacock tail in this very tutorial?
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I'm trying to draw Ho-Oh. It's legs don't look exactly like a crane's, and it's tail doesn't look exactly like a peacock's.
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I can't say how much this is incredible. You must spend so much time to do this kind of drawing help, and we can have it for free, it's really amazing.
Thank you a lot, it's great to see people with so much talent and so much demanding their own work.
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SiddakiHobbyist Digital Artist
I must say that your references and tutorials are an absolute lifesaver, I will definitely put them to use. I am a birder and I often make sketches in the field of the species I see, it helps me so much to have a fast anatomy guide so that all I have to worry about are the markings!
Just a small gripe - in the Apodiformes section you said that hummingbirds live exclusively on nectar, while in reality they heavily supplement their nectar diet with small insects and the like. Just a thought, hardly important. :)
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Thank you SO MUCH for this tutorial!!!
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MajnounaProfessional General Artist
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GallusVariusHobbyist General Artist
Odd, while I have seen my chickens stand on one leg before, they look anything but cautious...
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Today my order from december of this poster/picture from you arrived me in Germany. Thank you very much for this very nice tutoial(s), you did a good job on it, it's very helpful. I think you did a good job on which birds you choose! Love it! :heart:
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MajnounaProfessional General Artist
Thank you! Glad you're happy with the poster!
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Yes I am! *v*
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Lovely pictures helping me alot when learning how to draw.
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MajnounaProfessional General Artist
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legendguardHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome tutorial! I would like to point out though that hummingbirds do not survive exclusively on nectar, they also readily depend on insects for protein.
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i wish it was in spanish TT__TT
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Thank you so much!!! Pigeons are my favorite kind of bird but I didn't really know how to draw them. When I make one, I'll put a link to this page for helping me.
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MajnounaProfessional General Artist
Great :D
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CottonCatTailToonyHobbyist Artist
Peacock are my favorite kind of bird.
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clampfan101Hobbyist General Artist
Nice to see some common birds like owls and robins. :)
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OMG this is exactly what I needed! thanx for great work;)
just wondering, do you have plans to publish this as ebook? coz I'd definitely purchase it
Majnouna's avatar
MajnounaProfessional General Artist
Yes, once I'm done revising it :) It's taking ages because I'm adding dozens of birds, but I want to release the e-book as a finished version.
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vegardenStudent Digital Artist
Oh my you must have spent so much time on this you lovely human being. Publish your book already!
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MajnounaProfessional General Artist
It's been published for years! :XD: The link is in the description.
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