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October 24, 2010
Suggester's words: Drawing Birds part 1 by `Cedarseed has 3 parts to it and each part is really informative and definitely helps people to grasp bird anatomy and structure :) there's a lot of information and it covers many different body types of birds :)
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Drawing Birds part 1

Continued here:

This tutorial (all 3 parts) in book form: [link]
Full tutorial list: [link]

I make references at times to human anatomy, so if you're not familiar with it drop by my earlier tutorial Big Guide to Drawing the Body [link] (it can't hurt to look at Basic Animal Anatomy [link] as well).

I'll repeat here some advice I gave with the previous tutorials:
Use the above guide as a supplement to gesture drawing. Reading and memorizing all this won't help you as much as sketching from life; this guide simply provides the understanding that will make your sketching a learning experience rather than a random process. So, carry a sketchbook around and gesture-draw birds in the park, or from TV.

Also, though in these 2 parts I tried to give all the basic info one needed, personal research is invaluable. If you want to really draw a specific bird, you need to look for pictures of it, movies as well if possible, soak them up, sketch from them, until the way the bird stands and moves become instinctive to you.

NO part of this tutorial may be reproduced, so don't even ask!! if you find it helpful and want to share it, simply link to it.
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Even if I can't draw when using tutorials, I still like your posts.
They are also very helpful for writing (details).

But I will still try drawing.
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The bird bible as far as I'm concerned
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I will use this information somehow. Hopefully soon... It has educated me more than school has.
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thank you for making these bird references/tutorials!! <3
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BDTite likes birds.
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Wonderful reference! Thank you a lot!
Majnouna's avatar
You're welcome!
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These are extremely useful references!  Thanks so much for making them! :D
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Thank you so much for making this! I've been looking everywhere for a good tutorial on how to correctly draw birds. Natsuki Shinomiya (Super hug) [V1]  All of your tutorials are amazing btw!:love:  
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That's great to hear!
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Thank you so much.. Your explanation are really easy to understand ^^
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Its really2 helped me to understand wings :XD: :huggle:

Thank you for this freaking awesome post!

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Thank you!!! :heart:
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Wonderful tutorial! I adore the diversity of species in your tutorials!
birds are my favorite animals, thanks a lot!
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