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Christmas Goodness - Windows

By Majnouna
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This icon set made up an advent calendar I presented on my website during December 2003. The calendar's long expired but the icons have not!

To use the set you need to download the zipped file to your harddrive. The above is just a preview.
This set is for Windows. For the Mac version see previous deviation.

These icons are for private use on your own computer only. They cannot be redistributed or used online in any way (that includes avatars).
© 2005 - 2020 Majnouna
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Awww, haha.. too cute. Y'know it's nice to see fresh, simple, untainted cute stuff.. sometimes I yearn to design something cute that doesn't have jagged teeth or a giant sub-machinegun in its hand..

I'll have to take notes.
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That's a nice thing to hear :) Hehe now that you mention it, you do seem to have an inbuilt anti-cute mechanism ;) But it works!
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Santa's Lebanese, bwahaha! :clap:
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Beautiful! I want to get a mask like that on my travels :9
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Venice is full of those! :D
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Aww so cute :D hehe nope they will never go out of style!!
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ooh these are really nice! Very cute designs, I think I'm going to use them :D
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So darn cute! My fave Icon has to be the Venice mask :)
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Heheheh--"confused Easter Bunny":D...ANd so much more...
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I got such a giggle out of that one :giggle:
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These are were sweet! :glomp:
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Hope nobody's diabetic :XD:
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