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Catalogue of Human Features

By Majnouna
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Get all of my human anatomy tutorials in one convenient book or e-book!

This isn't meant to stand on its own: it is an addendum to my Guides to Human Types:
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]

Full tutorial list: [link]

While working on part 2, which deals with Caucasians and therefore with a much bigger variety of facial features, I found myself forced to make these charts for myself. I turned them into an addendum when I realized that much of the information in the Guide felt incomplete as long as I didn't expand on it – an expansion for which there was no room within the guide itself. So this is a reference for the reference as far as facial features and colors are concerned.

WARNING: Please do NOT tell me "you forgot this or that color". This is not the point. I'm not making a complete list of all the possible color combinations for hair and eyes. These are diagrams explaining the occurrence and distribution of the basic hues in the context of the guide mentioned above. Understand that or you will be :fork:ed.
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This is so cool! 
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Great resource, not just for drawing, but also for character design and writing: it gives a basis for understanding terminology without being hidden in makeup tutorials that only tell how to make features look different.  HUGE kudos!  Thank you!
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That's exactly right! Glad you find it useful!
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EXTREMELY helpful, but 1 tip: some men have pointed tails on their eyebrows like myself; I have arched eyebrows that naturally come to a point. (A lot of Portuguese people, and a few Russian and Slavic people, have this.)
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Wow! Really helpful, thank you <3
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Thanks, this will really help me for when I'm looking for certain skin tones.
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I kinda enjoy reading this. I'm just really interested in human features and genetics...To determine myself, I have an ivory skin, bluish gray eyes, golden brown low-waved hair, soft-angled low eyebrows, aquiline nose, natural lips, oval face...More less. (I'm a girl by the way)
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That does sound rather pretty!
I have fair or maybe pale ocher skin, amber eyes, dark golden-blond/red straight hair, eyebrows that don't fit any of the criteria, roman nose, natural lips and an oval face.. (And I'm a guy btw)
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Re-faved so I can find it more easily as this is such a great resource!! Thank you so much for posting!!
Hi. Thanks for the knowledge added to me. However most words are too tiny to read. Will appreciate a list of the face shapes especially .

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Click "download".
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Wow! This is so awesome! I've so far never seen tutorials so forward or having so much in detail as yours! Thank you so much for creating these and sharing them! :)
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OH MY GOD THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!! AND MORE!!!!! Do you mind if I post this on my FB page? With credit to you of course XD (I'll have a link up to your profile and all) If not then I'll understand.
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You're welcome to post a link to it, just not the image itself, please :)
WyntirSin's avatar…
I put the link to this drawing and your profile here =3
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Awesome! Thank you very much!!!
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You are truly a blessing for this.
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This is amazing!
XxKayMaerinDevilxX's avatar
Thanks a lot, very useful!
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