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Basic Animal Anatomy



Full tutorial list: [link]

*I have run into a tutorial on dA that copy-pasted a part of the tutorial above without my authorization. So as much as I hate doing this: NO PART OF THIS TUTORIAL MAY BE REPRODUCED. I will NOT allow it even if you ask and/or credit me. Any piece I find that reuses parts of my work will be taken down. If anyone runs into such a piece I'll be grateful if you inform me of the rip. Thank you. *

Faced with the mindboggling task of explaining how to draw animals, I decided a progressive approach. This is a base tutorial focusing on the bone and muscle structure of some of the most commonly drawn animals. I present them in such a way as to make comparison easier, as I believe that once you understand the general idea of the anatomy it is relatively easy to adapt it to all vertebrates. You'll probably find it helpful to take a look at my tutorial on human anatomy first [link] as this one tends to assume that you read that one first.
It will be followed by a series of species-specific tutorials that will fill in all the details I don't show here: details of head and body, movement, youngs, birds, reptiles... If you can think of anything that would be useful to include in those, let me know so I can try to include it.
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Very helpful thank you so much