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March 31, 2011
There's pretty much a drink to suit everyone in 65 Classic Cocktails by `Cedarseed. A cool and stylish range of icons free for use on your computer! Cheers!
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65 Classic Cocktails

Woohoo! I started work on these in 2007, never touched them since, and I finally finished them! I barely ever drink, but I think cocktails look gorgeous, so I had to make my own version.

I realize of course there are many, many more cocktails out there, but in order to limit the set to a realistic number, I went by the official cocktails list of the International Bartender Association, which comprises the 65 "classics" above.

Unfortunately I can't activate a print in this gallery so if you want the poster, it's on my Redbubble Shop:…
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FoaminianPriestess's avatar
I'm glad this is here. It'll be a handy reference for my new magical girl series.
Majnouna's avatar
Sounds great!
Mahogi's avatar
I don't drink and have no idea of any of the names, but gosh these look colourful and yummy XD
Majnouna's avatar
Hassliebling's avatar
I suppose, B-52 is the "shortest drink" known to man!
Majnouna's avatar
Hassliebling's avatar
Nice shot (double sense), Joumana!
Meadowbreeze's avatar
Wow, now I know different types of Cocktails you had drawn. Great Job :)
Piimocial's avatar
this is wonderful! :O i wish there's a tea version of this ;__; or japanese/korean food version.
Majnouna's avatar
Me too! ^^ I've often thought about making them, didn't get around to it yet.
keke, i hope you will make them ^^ Love your art!
CoolPepper's avatar
Great now I want to try all of these drinks, too bad I have to wait cuz I'm underage. But I can help it they look so good ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ
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duperhero's avatar
One of the cocktails, I could add, is the "Hugo", which is made of Prosecco, lime juice, elderflower syrup (?) and some mint, eventually soda! It's a drink in our climes!
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Forerunner-Tulia's avatar
I LOVE THEM!!! but the link to the downloads page is broken. </3 they're just so awesome though!!! :D
Majnouna's avatar
I'm ridiculously late, but I finally fixed the download link :S
Jade-Tiger7's avatar
Uhhh i think its cool (and i don't drink) :)
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