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I thought I should say this and not care what will people think. For a longer time now, it became a fact that I actually grew to like Grandson more than the LP guys (except for MIKE, of course, no other celebrity will EVER replace him in my heart). But after facing how everyone (including his bandmates) treat Mike and due to my neverending suffering because of it, I see Grandson as the only one who seems to actually respect him in a way he doesn't make fun of him yet, at least on public (and I hope never will), sees him like a mentor and inspiration, says a really kind things about him and seems to have a really strong bond with him (like grandson and grandfather :XD:). And I admire how they constantly praise each other instead of making fun of each other. Their chemistry is the type I admire the most, despite they're not the "best" friends. It's something special to me and even though Grandson's music isn't my style in general, I appreciate what he's doing, the messages in his songs are a lot like in Linkin Park songs. And he also seems to have a mental illness. I simply love him mostly on personal level than as an artist, same like with Mike (except that I adore Mike's songs). I will always prefer Linkin Park over Grandson (and over everything else) in terms of songs and the fact Mike founded the band and is the leader. But on a personal level, Grandson grew on me a little more than the five LP members. You can blame my feelings...
Now I'm afraid I offended LP fans...
I'm shaking... Mike Shinoda has obviously a secret list of favorite (or random) fans... He's literally retweeting and commenting random tweets from fans (so far only from the most popular ones) where he's not tagged and no one of people he follows interacted with those tweets neither... It's weird... Last year he asked fans how to make those lists and mentioned something with fans, so I guess the reason is here. But I can only dream he would add me to his list... Of course he will add only the most popular and active fans and I have too empty brain and lack of skills to do something to impress him and let him know I'm one of his biggest fans too and act like one.. My idol will never interact with me, while I'll be jealously watching him interacting with everyone else. I just hate myself...
Unfortunately, I'm a sinner because I prefer Post Traumatic and Fort Minor over Linkin Park (I do love LP and always will, though! I just enjoy listening to the other two more, plus, PT helped and still helps me to cope with dad's loss).
I'm TIRED of people telling me how I should or shouldn't feel... WHY no one can understand feelings can't be controlled?? Congrats if some of you can, but it will never be my case if I hear or see something hurtful. I can't feel nothing and not to be affected. Nothing hurts more than being completely alone with certain emotion towards something or someone and not being able to express this emotion because it's a popular subject and what I feel is seen as disrespectful... I wish it was possible to erase my feelings completely... I want to stop feeling... I feel like a joke, no one takes me seriously.
I said I don't want to complain here on LP fandom anymore, but my heart is too broken to stay quiet... You can unwatch me if you had enough of that.
No one in fandom cares anyway. I'm sorry, no matter how many fans will claim they love Mike or even go to his concerts, I have hard time believing they do it from their love for him. There are a few exceptions I know that really love him (including the ones here on DA), but majority of fandom on social media just don't do him justice. Most went to his Post Traumatic shows only to celebrate Chester, everyone says it's their favorite part of the show, not Mike himself. Fans thank him only for Post Traumatic and for honoring Chester and telling them stories about him. It's like the only reason fans love Mike is that he loves Chester so much (while his haters hate him because they think he hates Chester). So, what we have:
-Fans losing interest for Mike
-Other fans feeling like he doesn't like them, despite he does nothing but shows his immense love to us and EVEN protects and values the gifts fans gave him (like he's wearing bracelets and stuff from them and such), yet they still doubt his love
-The roasting of him is neverending
-The hate is increasing
-Protecting him in Chester's name
My question remains "WHY"... Why Chester can be trusted but Mike can't? Why Mike's love can't be seen as genuine and beautiful? If Chester is kind to fans, everyone shouts "the most beautiful, pure soul, an angel, there's no one like him". When Mike is kind to fans the SAME way, they shout "he's so adorable" and add some roasting to it. Like WHAT THE HELL?? If Mike saved the world from Apocalypse, he'd still get roasted and remained just adorable. Nothing he does isn't good enough for them to see he's just as beautiful soul as Chester was and worthy of the same trust and respect. And yet, Mike is humble enough to not care about it, or obviously he doesn't even realize it about himself. He believes fans love him genuinely because they support his career and go to his shows. But from what I've learned from it, they do everything only to make Chester proud, and think of what "he" would've wanted, so they obviously don't really care much about what Mike and others want. If Mike did something Chester wouldn't have wanted, he would get hate immediately. It's really hard to get used to being the only one in the fandom with this point of view and therefore lonely....
Before you say I'm "disrespecting Chester", I'm also tired of people disrespecting and underestimating Mike.


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