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What.. just.. happened...

A little something I made shortly after the premiere of Legend of Everfree, but I was pretty unsure about submitting it since I think the animation didn't turn out well (it moves too fast and I' don't have a mood to fix it) and then I forgot about it. But now I noticed it and decided to submit it anyway, at least something now during my inactivity. Because it looks like it will be my last pic for a long time.... This picture quite describes my mood today and for the upcoming days....
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She must have found out about the brony fandom.  And I don't mean the 'good' part of the fandom either.  :XD:
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Susnet exe. has crashed. Please reboot... ... ... Please try again.
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Something or someone really surprised her. :giggle:
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I can think of a few possibilities. ;)
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my insanity 

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To be honest, I think you might be great as an animator
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Eh, I have far from it, but really, thank you very much. :thanks:
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Nice animation, friend!  It describes me when I find something weird on internet, hahaha! :D

I wish things to get better soon, from the bottom of my heart....
Hope you have at least one reason to smile today!!Huggle! 
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Thank you, friend! :D Hehe, same. xD

Aww, thank you deeply very much. :heart:
I smile right now, thanks to your comment. :huggle:
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Hehehehe xD

You're very very welcome!! It's the least I can do :hug:

I'm very glad to hear that! :heart: 
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To me it's enough. :hug:

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Oh, dear... Tiring days ahead, I presume?
Sunset looks beautiful and the animation is lovely.
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Much worse... but I try to fight it.
Aww, thank you. :thanks:
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Tohle je ¨Waifu stolen face¨ X3
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She must've found the Rule 34 art of herself.
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Wow, no podľa mňa si spravila skvelú prácu na tejto animácii, naozaj veľmi pekne spravené, priala by som si vedieť robiť animácie. :wow: :aww: :clap: Ach... :( Naozaj ma mrzí, že to bude na istú dobu tvoj posledný obrázok... :worry: A je mi veľmi ľúto, že sa tak cítiš, len dúfam, že budeš v poriadku, hrozne ma štve, že ti nemôžem nijako pomôcť, och joj... :iconsadhugplz: Veľmi ťa ľúbim, drž sa, myslím na teba. Rainbow sad :cheerup: sadhug 
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