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If you're a fan of Sunset Shimmer and Spike together, feel free to use this button.

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Is this them as a couple or just really good friends?
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Alright then! :-)

By the way, have you ever done a journal entry on why you like the friendly relationship between Sunset and Spike? Because I would really love to see that! :-)
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I won't do journal just because of that right now, but I can explain it here.
I simply like them because:
1: They're the most adorable characters to me.
2: Sunset's my TOP favorite and I like to see her having friends.
3: I prefer Spike the dog over dragon (I'm serious), I personally find him cuter and more likeable (I'm a dog lover).
4: Both, Sunset and Spike can relate so much, mostly in Rainbow Rocks, they were just in the background while Mane 6 were the music stars. I find them being kinda outsiders.

That's probably all I can say for now. :)
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Cute and adorable!
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I think they're cute together XD
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eww i have aids now
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Adorable. :3 When I was halfway through Rainbow Rocks, I thought these two were quite similar because they both were waiting in the background for the mane 6 to do all the work. Which both Spike and Sunset have struggled with before. ^^
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Thanks! :3 Wow, I agree with you! Heh, these two are even closer than I thought. That's the bigger reason why I love to see their friendship.
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You're welcome, friend! :D
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It's ironic how in the first movie, she had Snips and Snails hold Spike hostage but now they're best friends.
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Yes, I love how close they became after being enemies. (But that actually applies to all of Mane 6). But these two are simply cute.
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I completely agree with you one hundred percent.
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